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Two New SITA Sets

I’ve been doing lots of cool stuff for the sequel game Something’s In The Air (SITA), but I don’t want to show it all because that would spoil the game.  But a few teaser renders wouldn’t hurt.  Back in October 2010, I was showing off sets I built for downtown locations.  Those sets will show up in SITA as well,

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A Final V4 Ariane and Poser 9 is Out

After struggling with the intricacies of slider bars, trying to balance  between matching the proportions of “classic” Ariane, and what actually looks good, I ultimately decided to just keep it simple.  I found a pre-designed V4 head that is close, made a grand total of 8 minor adjustments to get closer, and deemed it “close enough”.  The new Ariane is

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More New Renders

So here is another post with some new renders for the next version of the date simulator. These focus on the downtown restaurant. The old restaurant was somewhere downtown but apparently far enough that you had to drive from the restaurant to the downtown town shopping area. I am establishing a sense of geography now.

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Making Dating Sim 5.7

I’ve been tinkering around with the dating simulator again, making some improvements to the backyard activities, especially the swimming activity, which has not been changed much since version 1.0. I’ve had the idea for some time of doing some underwater stuff, and experimented a little with that while making version 5.5. In that instance I created a corner of the pool in Second Life, taking advantage of SL’s full camera control and water effects. (click title to continue…)

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