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Other Virtual Women

More random notes from around the metaverse… The Vanity  Google Ever heard the term “vanity google”?  It’s basically where you google your own name and any online monikers you may use, and it is actually a good idea to do every now and then, especially if you are being cyber bullied.  I tried googling myself (arianeb) and of course I

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Visual Novels

So what is a Visual Novel? Well that depends on what direction you come from. From a static media perspective, the visual novel is a comic book with choices. From a video game perspective, its a graphic adventure game without an inventory to keep track of. They all have text and pictures. Most have choices to make, some tell a linear story (aka Kinetic Visual Novels) without choices. Most are hand drawn graphics. Some have voice over, music, sound effects, some pictures are animated.

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