The Rebecca Trilogy 3: Rebecca Stays The Night (and ruins it!)

The default as seen in part 1, after meeting Rebecca is she takes you to the club and then you go swimming. In part 2, we learned that if you already went to the club, she takes you to the strip club instead. Now we find out what happens if you already went swimming first. This starts the same as “Things NOT to do in a dress” in that we swim to get Ariane into a black dress.

This path is available in the help section of the game. On the main menu click “Help” then click “Paths” on the top row, and next to where it says “Rebecca Stays the night and ruins it” click “Enable”, then load up a save of pizza dinner or steak dinner. Correct choices will be highlighted in Magenta. Note: Where there is more than one choice, you might have to do one, then the other when you get to the choice page again. If you did not save an opening, enable “Pizza Dinner” or “Steak Dinner” as well and start a new game from the beginning. If you saved the opening to “Things NOT to do in a dress” you can skip this first part.

First thing we need to do is go swimming first:

Go to the bedroom and put on a swim suit
Change into a swim suit yourself
Go to the pool
Go swimming
Swim some more
Let's get out of the pool
Go back to Ariane's house
Go inside and dry off
Get dressed and go for a drive
Wait in the hallway

There are achievements like “Rebecca Shirtless” that follows this same path except Ariane dresses casually after swimming. To get that achievement, do “Put some clothes on” (Ariane dressed casual) and then “Go for a Drive”, instead of “Get Dressed and go for a drive” which has Ariane dress formally in the black dress.

For this path we are going to keep Ariane in a dress.

Get in the driver's seat
Go downtown
Lingerie Store

To get past the lingerie puzzle see The Rebecca Trilogy 1 – Marco Polo for how. Then we are introduced to Rebecca again.

Agree to drinks at the club with Ariane and Rebecca
Buy the next round of drinks
Let them continue to dance

There are two versions of what happens depending on how Ariane is dressed.

Once you are back at Ariane’s there are a few possibilities here, lets start with:

Follow Rebecca
No, it wouldn’t be too presumptuous
Strip naked and join Rebecca in bed

or we can go with:

Wait in the hall
Go to the livingroom
Kiss her
Massage her shoulders
Grab her breasts
Massage her thigh
Take off her dress
Help her out of her dress
Grab her butt

Or avoid the living room all together:

Go to the kitchen

Three choices all leading to funny Rebecca endings