“We don’t need the short cut, we have plenty of time,” says Rachel.

Ariane continues to drive following Rachel’s GPS directions until…


“Oh great, the road is closed,” say Ariane stating the obvious.

“And there is still 2 miles to the trail head,” says Rachel, “that’s going to eat a lot of time.”

“We could go back and take a short cut,” suggests Ariane.

“No we don’t have time for that either, let’s park here and see what kind of view we have on the top of those hills.”


“Ooh, this is a pretty view,” says Ariane.

“Yes, this will do,” says Rachel. The clouds are already forming, and the sun is starting to set.

“I don’t think there is enough time to set up all my cameras, the dress is in the backpack, go ahead and change.”

Rachel takes Ariane’s picture on the hill overlooking Echo Canyon. There is only time for a few pictures, but the sunset over the forest is beautiful.

A few days later…


“So this is the picture you submitted?” asks Ariane. “That’s actually really good.”

“I agree its a really good photograph, but there not enough contrast to make it “great”.”

“Wasn’t the point of the assignment to not have contrast?”

“Yes, and I got a good grade for it. It’s just not a good enough picture to win best of the class.”


“That’s odd. You took the picture they wanted and they didn’t like it?”

“Such is the nature of art,” explains Rachel. “Even if your photo is technically good, it may not be aesthetically good. Maybe if I set up the other cameras, or we stuck to our original locations it would have been better.”

“Wow, photography is way more complicated than I thought,” says Ariane, “but I like it.”

“Thanks,” says Rachel, “It was a runner up, but the first place prize was a hanging in the Art Museum downtown and publication.”

“I’ll publish it for you,” says Ariane, “I want to use it for my Christmas cards.”

“Alright, I’ll send you the digital copy.”

“Thanks, and I’ll send you a card.”


“So what did you think of your first experience in modeling?” asked Rachel.

“Well, I’ve done naked photo shoots before, but just for fun,” answers Ariane. “I thought this photo shoot would be a similar experience, and instead it felt so ‘clinical’.”

“I think the better word is ‘professional’,” explains Rachel. “I have only been a model for about a year and a half, but my experience is one of being professional, and I believe in doing the same as the photographer.”

“You are right, and I understand,” responded Ariane, “I guess it wasn’t what I was expecting, especially with strangers watching us and stuff.”

“Welcome to my world. Every picture of me in a bikini on an empty beach doesn’t show the dozen crew members and onlookers. There are usually surfers and sunbathers in the shots that have to be photoshopped out, too.”

“You are right, and I understand,” responded Ariane, “I guess it wasn’t what I was expecting.”

“Well, I’m glad I got a taste of your world then, Rachel. Thanks for showing it to me,” Ariane holds up the picture and says, “And I got a souvenir.”

Rachel smiles appreciatively.

“So, since I’m here,” continues Ariane, “You got anything else to show me?”

“I’m sure I can find something.” Ariane smiles curiously.



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