“We don’t need the short cut, we have plenty of time,” says Rachel. Ariane continues to drive following Rachel’s GPS directions until…


“Oh great, the road is closed,” say Ariane stating the obvious.

“And there is still 2 miles to the trail head,” says Rachel, “that’s going to eat a lot of time.”

“We could go back and take a short cut,” suggests Ariane.

“No we don’t have time for that either, let’s park here and see what kind of view we have on the top of those hills.”


“Ooh, this is a pretty view,” says Ariane.

“Yes, this will do,” says Rachel. The clouds are already forming, and the sun is starting to set.

“I don’t think there is enough time to set up all my cameras, go ahead and get your clothes off.”

“Worst pickup line ever!” jokes Ariane.

Rachel takes Ariane’s picture on the hill overlooking Echo Canyon. There is only time for a few pictures, but the sunset over the forest is beautiful.

A few days later…


“So this is the picture you submitted?” asks Ariane. “Wow, I am very naked in this one.”

“Yeah, that was the problem. The background was too orange and all you see is the nudity,” says Rachel.

“Wasn’t the point of the assignment to not have contrast?”

“Yes, and I got a good grade for it. It’s just not a good enough picture to win best of the class.”


“What did the winner get?”

“The first place prize was a hanging in the Art Museum downtown and possible publication.”

“Then my naked picture would be on display at the Art Museum for all to see. Maybe that’s a good thing.”

“Yeah, but as one of the runners up, it made the college website, so thousands will still see you naked online.”

“Great!” says Ariane sarcastically, “Well at least it’s a better picture than the naked selfies I posted.”


“So what did you think of your first experience in modeling?” asked Rachel.

“Well, I’ve done naked photo shoots before, but just for fun,” answers Ariane.

“I’d love to see those photos,” says Rachel.

“Well, it was just a bit of sexy fun with a guy I was dating,” explains Ariane.”I erased them from my phone, but they should be backed up on the ‘cloud’… here I found them.”


“Is this the scenic view up on the mountain?” asks Rachel. “Yes, that’s the spot, pretty view of the whole city from there.”

Rachel slides through the photos making comments. “Oh, I like this pose… You took off your pants?… and PANTIES?! Weren’t you afraid of other cars coming by?… I guess not because now you are naked… Wow, the one on the hood of the car is spectacularly good! I like it!…”

Um, this backside one is WAY more revealing than my full frontal picture… and now you are spreading your legs like a porn star… whoa I see PENIS!”


“Oh my God! I know that guy!” says a surprised Rachel. “That’s the guy from my guild group!”

“The one you slept with?” asks a shocked Ariane.

“The very same! Were you the one he was in love with?” asks Rachel.

“I don’t know,” Ariane says reluctantly, “we were just having fun, we never really got into feelings.”

Rachel flips to the next picture: a full on dick pick. “He obviously likes you… and now here’s a pick of you fucking each other. Great!”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean for you to see that one, even if you didn’t know him,” says Ariane trying to stop Rachel from getting angry. “This is all ancient history, I’m no longer involved with him.”

“I know, and the only thing I want from him is ranged DPS during boss raids. It’s the fact that we slept with the same guy that is freaking me out,” Rachel flips back to the dick pick. “This has been inside both of us.”

Ariane suddenly bursts out laughing at the craziness of the whole situation, a few seconds later Rachel joins her in laughter.

“Since we obviously like the same things, maybe we should explore this further,” suggest Ariane.

“Good idea, why don’t we start tonight, want to sleep over?” suggest Rachel.

“I’d love to, but I didn’t bring any pajamas,” Ariane says sarcastically.

They both start laughing again.



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