“So, tell me about this photography assignment,” asks Ariane.

“Well, the assignment is a monochromatic color study,” Rachel explains. “Which means what?” asks Ariane.

“I’m supposed to take a photo that is dominated by one color,” Rachel explains, “and I need 4 elements with that color.”

“I’m going with an orange/brown color, I figured it would be easy since it is still autumn with orange and brown leaves in the trees.”


“So trees are one element.”

“I’m planning on taking the picture during sunset. I got an orange dress for you to wear, that’s 3.”

“And the fourth?”

“I haven’t decided, maybe your face lit by the setting sun will do it.”

“Nice, so where are we going?” asks Ariane.

“We are going to my uncles cabin in Summerhaven. It’s about a 20 minute drive from here and he is out of town so we won’t have access to the house, but he said we can use the backyard.”

“Sounds like a plan, tell me where to go.”


“Wow, nice ‘cabin’, looks like a tough life out here in the woods,” jokes Ariane.

“Yeah, my uncle is not hurting for money. Go ahead and park in the driveway.”


“Yes, this will do. You can change in the car if you want.”

“You want me to sit on that dirty log?” “Actually, I want you to lie down on it. I’ll clean it off for you.”

“OK, you clean, I’ll change clothes.”

Rachel takes Ariane’s picture in the forested area behind her uncles cabin.

A few days later Rachel invites Ariane downtown to the “unveiling” of the finished photo.


Rachel greets Ariane as she comes into the downtown Art Museum. “Hello Ariane, glad you can make it.”

“Thanks for the invite, so what is this “Young Artists Gala” and why did I have to dress up for it?”

“It’s an event the museum puts on annually this time of year to introduce their Young Local Artists exhibit that they do until the end of the year. The photo I took of you will be on display.”

“The one in that hideous dress? Oh great!”

Rachel smiles, “Don’t worry it turned out fine.”

“For a fancy prestigious event, the crowd seems a bit small,” Ariane observes.

“True, there are only three type that come to these things: The artists, their guests, and patrons looking for cheap art or cheap artists.

Like that blonde woman over there, she buys art for The Ellison Group to hang in hallways and lobbies of their real estate holdings.”

“So a picture of me could hang in a hotel lobby?” asks Ariane.

“Possibly, if the orange/brown color of the photo matches the decor of the lobby.”


The gala introduces numerous artists and shows their work. Drawing, painting and design work seems to dominate, but Rachel finally gets her turn.

The museum guide introduces her. “Our next young artist is a famous supermodel who is looking to move behind the camera, meet Rachel Spahr.”


The photo appears on the monitor behind Rachel as she speaks.

“So this is the picture I submitted, it was an assignment to use minimal color so it is a woman wearing nothing but a scarf taken during sunset, which blends with the autumnal scene in the background.”

The small crowd applauds politely.

After her presentation, Rachel and Ariane check out the framed photo in the exhibit.


“So what do you think?” asks Rachel.

“Well the final picture is nice. It would look very nice hanging in my kitchen,” Ariane finally says.

“Oh yeah it would, an orange picture in an orange room,” says Rachel taking the compliment, “I’ll send you a signed copy if you want.”

“Thanks, I’d like that.”

There is a lull in the conversation.

“I studied some Art History,” says Ariane, “If you want we could tour the museum?”

“Or, we could go back to my place,” says Rachel.

Ariane smiles. They leave together.



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