“So, tell me about this photography assignment,” asks Ariane.

“Well, the assignment is a monochromatic color study,” Rachel explains. “Which means what?” asks Ariane.

“I’m supposed to take a photo that is dominated by one color,” Rachel explains, “and I need 4 elements with that color.”

“I’m going with an orange/brown color, I figured it would be easy since it is still autumn with orange and brown leaves in the trees.”


So trees are one element.”

“I’m planning on taking the picture during sunset. The scarf you are wearing is 3, and your skin lit by the setting sun is 4.”

“My skin? So I’m posing nude then?”

“You said you were OK with it.”

“Yeah, I guess. So where are we going?” asks Ariane.

“We are going to go to Echo Canyon State Park.”

“Kind of a public place for a nude photo shoot isn’t it?”

“Don’t worry I got a permit for nude photography.”

“Didn’t know there was such a thing,” says Ariane, “Also it is a bit chilly today.”

“What do you mean? It’s a beautiful 10 degrees Celsius. Besides, the sunset window is only about 15 minutes long, so you won’t be naked for too long.”

“OK, fine, we’ll go to Echo Canyon,” says Ariane, “I know a faster way there, do you want to take a shortcut?”

Take the Shortcut

Don’t take the shortcut