Rachel Meets Ariane


It is Halloween and Rachel is going to a costume party a local college bar is having across the street from her off campus condo.

She wears a sexy costume she knows at the very least would turn a few eyes her way. Hopefully, she can win the contest too.

Things don’t quite go as planned, however, as her costume turns out not to be so unique.


“Hey there,” Rachel asks, “You’re dressed like Betta Wenn too?”

“Who?” the other costumed girl asks.

“Betta Wenn, the female hero from the movie The Maguffin Job.”

“Is that what this is? I thought it was just a sexy ninja outfit.”

“That it is, but it’s also a movie version of a comic book character.”

“Obviously we have similar tastes in costumes” the black haired sexy ninja says.

“True, but I was dressing like the character.”

The Maguffin Job,… I think I saw the movie a few months ago, while on a date.”

“Yes, the second one came out over the summer, wasn’t as good as the first.”

“There was a first one? No wonder I didn’t understand what was going on.”

Rachel laughs. “Yeah, that would make a difference.”


Rachel puts out her hand, “I’m Rachel by the way.”

“I’m Ariane, nice to meet you Rachel,” she says as she shakes Rachel’s hand.


Rachel continued, “I should have known, no Beta Wenn costume would be complete without a blonde wig and a cool plastic Ninja sword.”

“Yeah, I don’t have those, but I do own an SUV like Maguffin was driving in the movie,” responded Ariane.

“Really, I didn’t know they made those anymore? Weren’t they considered unsafe due to rollovers?”

“Which is why I was able to buy it used so cheap,” says Ariane, “Besides, I kind of like being unsafe.”

Rachel thought for a moment about following up on that, but decided to change the subject instead. “Are you in college too?”

“Not anymore, graduated a year ago last May.”

“So, what are you doing at a College bar?”

“My date is… or to be more accurate the guy I was set up with who apparently ditched me, is a Senior here,” answers Ariane.

“I see, a blind date dud?”

“Cute, but a bit of a jerk.”

“He tells me this homophobic joke, probably testing me, and I didn’t respond the way he was expecting. Haven’t seen him since he got a phone call and wandered off, and I don’t expect to.”

“Ah, the old ‘call me 20 minutes into my blind date so I have an excuse to leave’ routine. I’ve used it on a few blind dates myself.”

“So, you DO have a wicked side, Rachel! You seem like just a comic book nerd.”


As she was saying that, some guy dressed as a Storm Trooper (which Rachel would point out as an original trilogy storm trooper and not a prequel or Disney storm trooper) cut in between the two of them to order drinks.

What do you say we find a less busy spot to talk?” Rachel asks.

“Good idea,” replies Ariane.


With every booth and table taken, Rachel and Ariane have to settle for some open space near a wall.

“So, what did you tell this homophobic guy to get him to run away so quick?”, asks Rachel.

“I told him I’ve been with another girl,” says Ariane matter of fact like not revealing if she is telling the truth or not.

“And he didn’t like that?”

“Not as much as you would think.”

“So, is it true?” asks Rachel curiously, “Have you actually been with another woman?”

“Not that it is any of your business, Rachel, but yeah sort of. There is a little more to the story.”

“Ooh, I love a good sexy story.”

“I don’t know, we just met,” says Ariane suddenly shy.

“Would it help to know I’ve been with other women too?”, says Rachel encouragingly
“Then you should probably know, I’m not gay or anything. It was just once, a bit of a whim.”

“Oh no, I understand,” says Rachel, “I’m not either … well … it’s complicated.”

“Complicated for me too,” says Ariane, “The story involves a threesome with a guy I regularly date, and the bass player for a local indie rock band.”

“Wait a minute!,” Rachel exclaimed, “Are you saying you had sex with Lydia Lopez?”

“Wow good guess,” says Ariane realizing her mistake, after all how many gay female rock bassist can there be?


“Just one of those rare occasions I found myself attracted to another woman,” Ariane admits to Rachel who she still barely knows.

“I don’t blame you,” Rachel empathizes.  “I met Lydia Lopez, she has that cute-innocent lost puppy vibe you just want to cuddle up with. I get why a straight girl would want to hit that.”

“Yeah, that’s it,” says Ariane, “I’m not attracted to women in general, it takes a special type. It also helps if the desire is mutual, she saw something in me, and that is a huge turn on in any situation!”

“Also there was tequila involved,” Ariane added offhandedly.

“Sexy, I get it,” Rachel interrupts before Ariane got too descriptive, “Good story.”

“Yeah,” Ariane agrees. She is not sure why she shared all that with a woman she just met. She thinks to herself, “Could I be having feelings for another woman again?”

An awkward pause later Rachel finally says something. “Sorry if it sounds like I was prying. It’s just that we seem to have a lot in common. For example, my own lesbian experience also involved a threesome.”

Ariane takes the hint and it was her turn to do a little prying. “And were you the third wheel, or was the guy with you?” asks Ariane.


“No guy, just three bored sexy young women on a business trip, sharing a hotel room.”

Ariane laughs. “I like you Rachel, you’re cool.”


A guy in costume holding a digital camera interrupts them.

“Hi there, I work for the bar”, he says, “I’m taking pictures of the best costumes to post on the bars social media pages, can I get a picture of you two in your matching costumes?”

“We are not actually together” corrects Rachel, “but I’m in if she is.”

“Sure, why not”, says Ariane.


Rachel and Ariane start posing in “power poses”. A few other people pull out phones and start taking pictures.


Rachel puts her arm around Ariane, and Ariane follows suit, putting her arm around Rachel’s neck. This draws even more attention.

Then one of the people taking photos says rather loudly, “That’s Rachel Spahr, the supermodel.”


“You’re a supermodel?”, says Ariane surprised at the revelation.

“Guilty,” responds Rachel, who is now starting to worry about the growing amount of attention she is suddenly getting.


Rachel has seen things like this happen before, and she is not feeling much like playing “celebrity” Rachel tonight. She would prefer talking to Ariane, but can’t do it here anymore.

“Do you want to leave?” Rachel asks Ariane abruptly.

“What, now? With you?” Ariane says a little shocked.

“I hope I’m not sounding too forward, but I like talking to you, and I’d also like to get out of here before I get hounded by photo requests,” explains Rachel. “What do you say?”

Ariane is kind of enjoying the extra attention, and is hesitant to leave, but she decides hanging with a famous supermodel is the kind of adventure she is always seeking.

“Where to?” asks Ariane agreeably.

“My place, I got a condo nearby.”

“Great, let me get my jacket.”


As soon as they arrive, Rachel takes off her wig.

“Just a minute, I’m going to change,” Says Rachel.

“You don’t like wearing the costume?” asks Ariane.

“As sexy as it is, it is not very comfortable, no support up top.”

“I kind of like it, the girls are free to roam around, almost like going topless.”

“The bigger the boobs, the less fun that is.”

Ariane replies with a bit of a snark, “Your boobs aren’t that much bigger than mine are.”


Rachel turns around.

“I stand corrected!” reacts Ariane.


“Wait here, I need to put something on. But first, anything to drink? bourbon? Scotch? … Tequila?” asks Rachel.

“Why Ms. Spahr, are you trying to seduce me?” says Ariane in a funny voice.

Rachel smiles, “Maybe.”

“I probably shouldn’t drink, considering I still have to drive home.”

“You are welcome to stay the night if you want,” Rachel says as her sexy smile grows bigger with every word.

“You ARE trying to seduce me!”

Rachel suddenly laughs realizing she keeps slipping into a seductress character for some reason, probably because she is currently dressed for the role. Rachel likes playing characters, but has to be careful. Ariane obviously is not ready for that side of her personality.

“No, nothing like that,” Rachel says taking a more friendly tone, “I have a spare room with a murphy bed you can stay in.”

Ariane, feeling more comfortable at the mood change, nods yes.

Rachel continues, “Tonight, I’m more interested in drinks, conversation, and watching The Shining.

“A little Netflix and chill then?” asks Ariane.

Rachel laughs, “Yeah, well more Netflix, less chill.”

Ariane thought it over and agreed it sounded fun. “Halloween slumber party it is. Let me go get my gym bag out of my car.”


“Great, I’ll get ready while you do that,” Rachel heads to her room to put something on, but as she walks out of the room she adds jokingly in a seductive voice, “But if you really want to lick my pussy later I wouldn’t say no.”


Ariane was hoping for a full set of clothes in her gym bag, but it only had yoga pants and tennis shoes in it.

Rachel gave her a shirt so she could get out of her costume.

“Hey thanks for the T-Shirt, felt a little weird to be in costume with you, uh, naked.”

“No problem, when these shirts with my picture on them came out I asks for one, and they sent me a whole box of them.”

“So you just wear them around the house?”

“Actually, this is the first time I’ve worn one. I just thought it appropriate that we continue to match.”

Ariane smiled.


Rachel and Ariane sit and watch The Shining, both have seen it before, but they both love it.

During a lull, Ariane thought of a question to ask. “Hey Rachel, Every picture of you is with long blonde hair. When did you get it cut?”

“Last week actually to celebrate the end of my one year reign as the Loco Cola Girl. Just filmed a Christmas commercial, and Christmas print ad photos, then a new girl takes over in January.”

“And all you got was these lousy t-shirts?”, interjects Ariane.

Rachel laughs, “Yeah, … well and this condo, and my car, and my college paid for.”

“Wow, nice paying gig.”

“Yeah, but doing it and College has been hell.”

“To celebrate, I got my hair cut and dyed to its original shade.”

“Looks nice.”

“Thank you. I’m actually considering getting out of modeling all together.”

“All work and no play makes Rachel a dull girl,” says Ariane referencing the movie they were watching.

Rachel agreed, “Right on.”


After the movie, Rachel grabs her phone and finds this picture on social media, followed by comments and headlines basically saying “Supermodel Rachel Spahr spends Halloween with mystery girlfriend.”

“Apparently, I have been outed,” Rachel says.

“Apparently, so have I,” responded Ariane who is feeling buzzed.

“I can expect some phone calls in the morning.”

“Me too, and they probably won’t believe me when I tell them we are ‘just friends’.”

“Or, you can lick my pussy and make the rumors true,” Ariane almost got the line out with a straight face, but couldn’t hold it. “Hey, you’re not the only one who can make lesbian sex jokes.”

Rachel laughed, then suggested: “How about we split the difference, we can take off our shirts, and I’ll take a selfie with the two of us topless on this couch.”

“That’s a GREAT idea!” exclaimed Ariane, though it was probably the booze talking more than her.


Rachel takes the picture and hands her phone to Ariane. “What do you think?”

Upon seeing the picture Ariane realizes how drunk she is getting, and only manages a “Meh” response.

“I agree,” says Rachel, then hits the delete button. “Why don’t I show you where the spare bed is.”


Next morning. Ariane is ready to go home.

“You’re going out dressed in that?” asks Rachel, “The thigh boots look a bit silly.”

“Well I would go with tennis shoes, but it is a cold November morning and the thigh high boots are warmer,” Ariane explains.

Rachel nods, “Makes sense.”

“Well, time to leave,” says Ariane as she is headed out, “It was great meeting you Rachel, and we need to do this again.”

“I agree Ariane, it was fun hanging out with you. All my friends are either models who only talk modeling, or gamers who only talk gaming, nice to meet someone who is interested in other stuff.”

“Funny, I’m actually both,” Ariane says with a smile.

“What?” asks a surprised Rachel.

“I work in game development. It’s a small company so I do a lot of different jobs. Some coding and filing bug reports, beta testing, and every once in a while, I wear a body suit and do gymnastics in front of a motion capture camera.”

“Wow,” exclaimed Rachel, “You just gave me another whole evenings worth of topics to discuss. We are definitely doing this again.”

“Come over to my place sometime then. Bring a swimsuit.”

“A swimsuit in November?”

“Or you can hot tub in the nude if you want, it’s fine with me.”

“Hot tub? I’m there!”

The two say goodbye and part company looking forward to their next meeting.



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