Miranda Walkthrough

I saw you swimming…
I am the king (or queen) of the breaststroke
ask to buy her a drink, pay attention to what she is asking for 
Approach bartender
take drink
Big up Miranda,…
Sure holmes…
I like trekking…
I like exploring the ruins
Do you read?
Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge
I like the way you think
Do you play any sports?
What do you do competitively?
Ah. We always just play music
It’s usually 80’s stuff…
I like the British stuff
Yeah, though mainly information books
I like more modern stuff like Bertrand Russell
No, I’ve seen a few
That’s OK, I prefer this view
any description of job
any mention of photography
I’d love to take your photo sometime too
I’ll let you decide
The North team
Sure we’d love some drinks
add everything but cola, then finish the drink
if something happens later I won’t object
You clearly do…
Sounds like fun
…the beach
Listen to music
Like Miranda says…
I’ve been waiting for a while…
Chase Miranda
Bye Faye, you’re a fun girl
Good idea
I think you have good taste in cafes
The mountains, I like hiking sometimes
Actually I think this is a temple
We can use my phone
How about some photos…
I can’t help it…
How about against the column
How about wrapping…
pick any rock pose
You said you liked trekking
I don’t know Elvis?
Let’s go up the ladder
Don’t you want to stay here?
Go on. Don’t deny who you are.
You’re here and you’re naked…
I think it’s the large amount of nudity
We should ask someone for a game
any introduction
Aim at Ashley
stand still
aim left
aim for the middle
sure I love boats
it’s cool I like it
Let’s grab a drink
Play Morrisey on jukebox
Kiss her
I bet you could do and naughty thing you want on these islands
any compliment of the boat
any ask to dive
Lets do it
look for some air bubbles and go there, that is where she is hiding
I do amazing things when I’m naked
I love the way the breeze feels on my body
I could stare at your body for hours in this light

at this point you should be assured the best ending, there are three others.