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Second Life Cliché Bingo!

It seems that Second Life, especially the mainland, is like an American shopping mall. Go to any shopping mall and you will find the same 50 chain stores as the mall closest to your home. Most mainland builds are all the same unoriginal clichés repeated. I’m sure there are some original builds, but mostly its generally the same stuff over

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There vs. Second Life Revisited

Those of us into social virtual worlds have been debating this for 5 years: Which is better, There or Second Life? For the longest time, the answer was, “It depends what you want to do.” Building was always better in Second Life, communication and “toys” (pets, cars, guns, hoverboards, etc) were better in There. In the past year, the rules

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Are you an RPer or an SNer?

I was thinking of blogging a review of all the changes to Second Life over the past year, and thought it sounded boring. I was also thinking about blogging about the major FUBAR advertising mess at Facebook, but everyone else has already, and the story is pretty over now. But it got me thinking. I have yet to actually create

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