Ariane in Paradise #8 Getting the Full Gallery


So you completed the game. If you go back to the main menu and go to achievements, you can see how many you earned and how many you are missing.  Most of the achievements are earned just by making different choices, and are automatic.  Some may require you to deliberately seek them out, like “Dead Parrot” and “Scientific Expedition”.

But far and away the hardest to get is “Full Gallery”.  To get it, you have to unlock 75 of the possible 91 photos that you can take.  The 20 to 30 photos you see at the end of a game run are the photos you unlocked on that run through of the game. “Full Gallery” is cumulative over multiple runs.

The secret to doing this easily is that once a photo is unlocked, it stays unlocked, even if you go back and make different choices on the same play through.

Day 1 Photos

The first and only photo you unlock in the early part of the game is when Ariane is doing a leap on the balance beam. Easy.

The hike to the lake has a grand total of 4 and all can be unlocked on a single run. There’s one at the opening, a guaranteed selfie, and a choice that results in a picture of Ariane doing a sexy pose, or a picture of a bird.  This is a perfect example of the trick mentioned above. Choose one picture, then hit “back” or use the scroll wheel and then choose the other.  That way you unlock both at the same time.

Note that which ever you pick last will be the picture of record, so if you are going for the “Dead Parrot” achievement, do the Parrot last.

The Pirate Cove path has one guaranteed, and a selfie you get by picking “Wow Rachel Spahr!…” when you meet Rachel.  If you are playing as a female, there are two versions of this selfie (one with the matching top, and one with the regular top) and they both count, but that involves going all the way back to the store and deciding if you want to buy a matching top or not.

The yacht trip unlocks 4 guaranteed (assuming you are not rich or you don’t follow Ronald to his cabin) and 7 using the go back trick.  On the lower deck you take a picture of Ariane (1), Ariane takes a picture of you (2), if your sexy score is high enough, Ariane takes a shirtless one of you  (3), then you can scroll back and take a selfie instead (4).  In the pink cabin, if you loan Rachel your shirt you can get a selfie with Rachel (5), and/or a topless selfie with Rachel (6). Note: If you are playing as a male you can get both in one run, if you are female, you have to do the go back trick.  There is one last guaranteed photo of Rachel and Ariane at the restaurant on the bow (7).

Day 2 Photos

The hiking path has one guaranteed before the maze.  Once through the maze, save your game.  If you go upstream, there are 4 easy unlocks inside of the cave. If you go downstream and your sexy score is high, there are 4 unlocks if you make the right choices.  There is an easy selfie unlock (1), “I think the biggest problem is that you are wearing too many clothes” will get a topless selfie unlock (2).  And if at this point your charm is at least 140, and sexy is at least 50, you get two naked pictures (3 and 4) further up river.  There are two versions of unlock 1, one where you lost your shirt in the jungle and one where you didn’t, and they both count, but that may be too far to go back and change.

The morning beach has only one easy unlock, a selfie you take before you go swimming, but there are four versions (one with both of you in swimsuits, one with Ariane naked and you in a swimsuit, one with you naked and Ariane is in a swimsuit, and one with you both naked.)  The easiest way to get Ariane to keep her swimsuit on is go to the South Beach, and don’t look for seashells.  The easiest way to get her to skinny dip is go to the nude beach and have a 100% sexy score.  If you are not averse to public nudity (a choice you make on day 1), you can choose to be naked or not.  All 4 versions count.

Similarly there is one unlock at the coral reef just before you return the boat. Ariane can be naked or still in her suit and the both count. The only way to get her to keep her bikini on is to have a sexy score below 40 when playing hide and seek.

The bird sanctuary path has two unlocks. One automatic selfie at the end, and one with Ariane holding a parakeet if you choose “What about those baby green macaws?” during the Q&A.  There are no alternates.

The Casino similarly has one auto unlock near the end.  No variants.

The sailboat is more complicated. There are two automatic selfie unlocks, one close up, one by drone, early on.  Then there is one you take of Ariane with a rainbow in the back, there are two variants, one where she is clothed, one where she is nude, you can use the go back trick easily to get both.

Then there is one last drone shot while you are steering the boat. There are 3 variants regardless of gender: One with you clothed, and Ariane clothed, one with you clothed and Ariane nude, and one where you are both nude.  If you are a business person you always keep your clothes on, so only rich people get to take their clothes off.  There is also a fourth variant if you are male.  If you are naked and go down the sexy path of the riddle section, you end up getting an unwanted erection and put your shorts back on, which shows up in the drone picture.

Day 3 Photos

Here is where the majority of the unlocks happen, and if you can manage to unlock all the Day 3 photos, then you will have enough to not worry about all the Day 1 and Day 2 variants unless you are completionist.  You need 75 unlocks for “Full Gallery”,  50 of them happen on Day 3.

There are 3 paths that all end in photo shoots.  The problem is that any play through will only unlock two paths, so you will need one play through where you did at least one hiking path in day 1 or 2, and one where you never did a hiking path at all to have access to all 3 paths.

The wrap party is pretty straight forward, except that you have to unlock the photo shoots by asking Rachel “Based on what I have seen here, and what you told me on the yacht, it seems you do not like modeling”.

After a discussion of your exploits, you and Ariane take a selfie at the bar. There are 3 versions based on your wardrobe choice at the beginning of the day, and yes they all count if you are completionist.  If you are playing male, the selfie could involve a stylish shirt (don’t go sailing to have it as an option), a souvenir shirt, or shirtless.  If you are playing female it is either a souvenir crop top, a bikini top (if you went on the hike on day 2), or the flip top (if you purchased it on Day 1).

After a free Ariane and Rachel pic at the wrap party, Rachel will ask if you are interested in going somewhere for a “fun” photo shoot. There are 4 paths and they all unlock 5 to 7 pictures each.

So as Rachel asks if you want to go to the western set or the pirate set, save the game so you can come back later.  Once at the set you are given a choice of naked or costumes.  Do a path, reload the saved game, and do another path, until all 4 are done. That’s about 24 pictures right here.

The hike to the lake path is also pretty easy. The key choice is at the lake where you choose to hike back naked, or put your clothes back on.  Save the game before you choose so you can come back.

Each choice leads to a different photo shoot.  The only other choice you need to be aware of is when you do the photo shoot where you put your clothes back on, there is a choice “These all look model poses, aren’t you a gymnast?”.  This unlocks a unique picture for that path, the other choice duplicates a picture on the other path.  Doing both paths unlocks 10 pictures total.

Finally is the casual walk along the beach photo shoot, and this is a little tricky because it is easy to take duplicate photos.  This takes place on the Village Beach path after the volleyball game and you will get 5 pictures, 4 of Ariane and 1 of you, each time.  There are a total of 15 unlocks, so you need to do it at least 3 times, but you have to keep track of the ones you got last time.

The easiest is to do the first four of Ariane, and the “modest” pose for yourself, then on the second pass, do the second four of Ariane, and the “sexy” pose for yourself, and on the third pass the final 4 and the “erotic” pose for yourself.  That will unlock all 15.

Once you are done with all 3 paths, go to the main menu, add the number of Ariane photos and the number of self photos.  If that number is bigger than 75, you got it!  (If you are bad at math, just click on “See Achievements” and see if the achievement is white.

Once you have all 40 achievements, you unlock a couple of bonus epilogues you can watch from this page.