Ariane in Paradise #4: Day 2 Beach and Coral Reef

beach4This walkthrough once again starts at the very beginning of Day 2, where you are standing naked in your hotel room with Ariane sending you an invitation for breakfast.

Note for 1.10: There is a new version of the beach and coral reef if you make your character a “naked character” which is available in character menu after you get all 40 achievements.  This walk through does not include any info on those changes, you will just have to discover them on your own.

Put on swim trunks and a t-shirt. or Put on a bikini and shorts.

Thank you (+5 charm) or You smile back (+5 sexy)

Get a plate of eggs and bacon… (+5 charm)

Yes. I wasn’t sure… (If you did not meet Rachel this will get skipped)

Note: The south beach and nude beach options are functionally identical except for a couple of additional scenes. The chances of Ariane getting naked on the nude beach are higher. It is also possible, depending on choices made in day 1, that you don’t even have a nude beach option, or if sexy < 40, Ariane will decide on the south beach anyways.

The third choice will be to go snorkeling at a coral reef. Skip the beach part of the walkthrough for that.

Wow that’s a great looking bikini (+5 charm) or Wow, that’s one sexy bikini (+5 sexy)

If you picked nude beach and Ariane accepted, you board the bus, then ask the lifeguard why nobody is naked. If you picked south beach these scenes are skipped.

I’m fine doing nothing… (+5 charm) or As I recall, one of… (+5 sexy)


The I Spy game, is a hidden picture game where you try to find as many objects Ariane names as possible in 30 seconds. If you miss one, she will move on to something else.

Each correct answer up to 8 is worth 5 charm points with a maximum of 40.

I can often get 8 or 9 but I created the puzzle, so I am a bad judge of difficulty.
Getting 5 in 30 seconds earns the “Master Spy” achievement.

A bigger guide can be found here.

After Ariane decides to go walking along the beach a new hidden picture game starts involving finding sea shells. This is game is not described in game, it just starts when you click on a seashell. The first and last are obvious, the middle 6 are hidden because of the rocky beach background. Getting all 8 earns the “Seashells by the Seashore” achievement.



Also quite a bit more rocky… (+5 charm) or It also feels a bit… (+5 sexy)





Once you reach the place to go swimming, Ariane will decide whether to skinny dip or not. If you originally picked a nude beach, and Sexyness is 100% (40) or higher, she will.

If you are on south beach and found at least 4 of the six shells so far, and also have the Sexyness minimum, she will as well.

Your choice is determined whether or not you are OK with public nudity. If you both pick to swim naked, you will earn the “Nude Beach” achievement, but the four different combinations also help get the “Full Gallery” achievement, so you might repeat this a few times.

That’s OK, I like smaller… or Maybe? or Of course it did… or Thanks that top… (+5 charm or sexy)

A fish swimming by or Not likely a shark (+5 charm) The latter is science geek only.



The beach trip ends at a taco shop, where we will end this walkthrough.

New for 1.10: If you went to South Beach (the one behind the hotel), you will change clothes before you go eat tacos, this results in a new Ariane picture at the taco stand, giving Ariane an even 50 pics.  Going to the nude beach means tacos in bikinis.

The Coral Reef

At breakfast, you are given a choice of south beach, a nude beach, and a third option that leads to a coral reef trip.

Didn’t you say something yesterday about diving? (+10 charm – this is added for balance reasons as there are more opportunities for charm by going to the beach)

Wow that’s a great looking bikini (+5 charm) or Wow, that’s one sexy bikini (+5 sexy)

That still feels a bit expensive… or Don’t worry about the cost… (+5 charm)

Yes, I have (This is the short version, giving the other choice will briefly explain what snorkeling is)

The coral is pretty amazing (+5 charm) or Yes, did you see all the fish?… (+5 sexy)

This starts the hide and seek game. This puzzle was originally created by Chaotic in her game Miranda. The secret is to look for Ariane to exhale bubbles thus revealing her location.

It only appears for a second, If you miss it, you can go back a page to try and catch it again, but by doing so Ariane may move. Or if you do miss it completely, you get two guesses before your air runs out.

On your turn to hide, there is a bit of a secret cheat: Ariane will always look behind the red pipe corals, but will never look behind the left shell corals.

So if you want Ariane to find you, select red pipe, if you don’t (and you earn the “Hide and Seek” achievement if you win all 3 rounds) go with the left shell corals.

If sexyness is 100% (40) or higher, Ariane will play the third round naked. If you are not shy about public nudity, you can, too. for (+5 sexy) and the “Naked Diving” achievement.

The coral reef ends at a taco shop, where we will end this walkthrough.