SITAR Preview 2: Pick a Gender

Something’s In The Air Redux follows the same convention as Date Ariane Remastered, Ariane in Paradise, and Hopepunk City in that you can play as a male or a female, with only slight differences in game play depending on which you pick.

Since this is a female harem type game, that means that playing male is as a straight male, and female is gay/lesbian female. The player avatars in SITAR are variants of the avatars of Date Ariane Remastered since this is a sequel, the biggest differences is that their brown hair and blue shirts are darker.

Changes needed to be made to make the original Something’s In The Air story make sense to both a straight male and gay female character. The biggest change was the demotion of Dave from best friend to co-worker.

He still shows up at the Cafe bar to get you to talk to Rachel, but I decided that as a motivator to getting you from the gym to the bar, he simply doesn’t work for the female player, and barely works for the male.

So I introduced a new motivation, a pink haired naked jogger who tells you to go. She shows up at the gym if you use your gym time on one of the running machines.

If you want to see how this all works now, both the naked jogger and Dave scenes are part of the free demo available at


  • Do you have a version of this update that will work with a WinXP operating system? The latest versions of Renpy are incompatible with it.

    • I am uploading a 32 bit version for PC (windows or Linux) that will work on XP. Luckily it is still easy to do that. Future Renpy Games will be 64 bit only. I’ll probably have to drop android support as well for future games.

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