High Resolution Android Date Ariane Remastered

When I make Android versions, I shrink their size by cutting picture resolution in half and remixing sounds to monaural. This helps the games run on low end phones and tablets. This is why the 600MB PC game is only 150MB on Android.

But it has been pointed out that phones are bigger and can handle better graphics, so these low rez android ports look bad on high end devices. As the owner of a $150 Samsung A10e, I wouldn’t know.

I decided that I am going to redo the android ports with the same images and sound used in the PC game and make them available on itch.io as separate downloads for those that prefer better quality.

They are still different from PC versions, with bigger text that is easier to read on small screens, and centrally located touch screen friendly choice menus, and a simplified quick menu.

If you purchased the game on itch.io, it is a free download, look for hires.datearianeremast-release.apk Download it to your android device and install it. If it runs really slow or takes up too much memory, the low resolution version is still available. Date Ariane Remastered for Android is only available on itch.io due to my inability to update android software on payloadz.

I’m planning on high resolution android versions for Ariane in Paradise and Hopepunk City soon.

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