Date Ariane Remastered Now Available on Steam

Demo screen in the Steam Client

I got my first game coming to Steam. Date Ariane Remastered is coming to Steam at a price of $8.99 US.

You can purchase it at

Why $8.99 when I can get it for $6 other places?

Mostly it is because Steam charges more to have a game on their system. In exchange for the slightly higher price, I’ve enabled all achievements in the game, 87 in total, to show up as Steam achievements, and the game will be part of your Steam library making it easier to uninstall and reinstall at any time. Steam is a very large marketplace, and the price is primarily for new customers. There will not be an increase in price on my other online stores.

All 87? I only see 79?

There are 79 in the base game and 1 in the bonus for a total of 80. There are also achievements for 10 kisses, 50 kisses, 100 kisses, 10 dates, 50 dates, 100 dates, and 10 “times”.

What are “times”?

Steam has strict rules about achievement names and graphics, they must be family friendly as they can be seen outside of the mature age check, so any achievements with “naked”, “sex”, and assorted euphemisms had to be renamed. So “sex” got replaced by “times” in many places.

Why only PC support? Where is Mac or Linux or Android?

Getting a game on Steam is a lot of work, and there are additional hoops to jump through to get other versions. Mac requires a publishing license that you have to buy from Apple, which I am probably not going to do. I really want Steam OS (Linux) support in the future, but there are additional tools I don’t have to do that yet.

Can I get a key?

I have a limited number of keys and they will go first to patrons on Patreon. Later giveaways to non-patrons are a possibility.

Will the game go on one of those big Steam sales?

Yes, probably not this summer sale. Maybe the next holiday sale?

Will any of the other games move to Steam?

Part of the reason I wanted to get a game on Steam was to test the market. If Date Ariane Remastered does well on Steam, to be worth the cost and effort, I will likely add Ariane in Paradise and Hopepunk City to Steam, too.


  • Hey Ariane, why is the android versions for hopepunk city and DA remastered picture quality so low compared to PC? My phone is definitely capable of running 1080 quality images, and storage wouldn’t be a problem. Im loving both titles nonetheless, It would just be nice if there was an option to have the hd pics on Android. Big fan by the way.

    • Thanks. It is mostly due to file size restrictions on some phones. You obviously have a really nice phone, not everyone does. I suppose a 1080 stereo version of these games is something I could do, but it would quadruple the size of the game.

  • Will the game be available in other currencies since it’s on steam and will the original Date Ariana be added if this does well?

    • Steam handles the pricing in other currencies, so it will be available however you purchase steam games. As for the original, it will not move to Steam.

  • So I live in Germany, and steam says that it’s not available in my region. In which regions is the game available?

    • Not really sure why that is the case. All I did was give it an 18+ rating and mark it as English only. Steam’s regional rules are their own.

      • The demo comes up in search results, but when I click it, it says “An error was encountered while processing your request:

        This item is currently unavailable in your region”

      • Ok, neither the game or the demo will be available to anyone until june 10th

  • Bro, some of these animations are weird.

  • You should add censorship mode and make it available in browser , so the game spreads fast through streamers … etc and the game will get attention it deserves.

    • I thought about it. I did a censorship mode for Hopepunk City because the core story could be played without most sex scenes, but there really isn’t a story in Date Ariane, and way too much to censor.

  • Christopher Daria

    Thanks for the heads up.  I’m glad you’ve made the move to STEAM as it saves room on my harddrive  building my games there rather than downloading them directly to my computer.  Looking forward to picking up Hoppunk City and other Ariane offerings on STEAM.  can’t wait to try out the remasterd Dating A as the original has always been one of my favorites!

  • What are the differences between original date ariane and the remastered one?

  • Sadly, it isn’t available in Germany….

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