DA Remastered 1.02

Found a couple of bugs in the game, very minor, not game breaking, probably wouldn’t notice unless I pointed them out to you bugs. But I decided to engage my latest update protocol for purchased games, which will no doubt happen in the future. The bugs fixed are listed here.

If you bought the game on itch.io, you will be notified that an update is available and you can either download the game, or download the free patch listed as a demo on this page.

If you bought the game on the site store (Payloadz), you can try redownloading, but if it tells you your download window has expired (I hope to fix this), you can go to the page you purchased it from: here for PC or here for Mac, and you will see the free upgrade patch on the lower right as a “sample file”.

It is a small 100k zip file, that if you open it up, there is a README.txt file with instructions to patch your game. Once patched you should be able to open the game and see version 1.02 in the upper right.

It’s my policy to make the latest version available for anyone who purchased the game, and this is the best way I found to do that. It is why android versions are no longer on the site store, because they cannot be easily patched.

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