Where to go to find new Erotic Visual Novels

This is an updated post because the one I posted March 2021 is filled with broken links. This industry is a bit unstable like that.

There are a number of places you can go to find new adult visual novels. My favorite sources are on You Tube, you can go to Sex Positive Gaming and Visual and Novel Gamers.

Websites dedicated to this gaming genre exist as well, f95 Zone (NSFW) is the most popular but not a favorite of mine, very sketchy. Spicy Gaming Net is better moderated and where developers are treated better.

Finding stuff you like

10 years ago, I played every game similar to my own games I could get my hands on. There weren’t that many, so it was easy. Now there are thousands, and I have to be picky. I often rule out games to play based on titles or thumb nails, which I know I shouldn’t, because there may be some good ones with unfortunate titles.

Graphics is a little better. I’m not a fan of the “huge breasts” trope in a lot of these games. If I start seeing characters with breasts bigger than Rachel, I probably wont check it out. I know there are people that only want “huge breasts”, so if that is what you like, you have a lot to choose from.

Stuff I downloaded

Here are a few titles I got recommended to me, or I found by accident. I will not include titles I have previously mentioned in the Visual Novels category.

Paradise Lofts – A 2D Renpy game set in 1958. Great music, great art, great humor. Patreon Page

What A Legend – Another 2D Renpy game set in a fantasy world. Also very funny. Patreon Page

Price of Power – A 3D Renpy game. Had to get this for the graphics alone. Classic single character “dating sim” but set in a medieval/fantasy setting. Patreon Page

Avalon – A 3D Renpy game, that in this short intro video, already has me hooked on the story. The art is great, the story is great. I’m jealous! Patreon page

Bare Witness – A 3D Renpy classic “harem” game (lots of women you can date) Story hits all the standard tropes of these games, but the graphics and unique personalities make it worth sharing. Patreon Page

I’m open to any suggestions. Leave a comment of your favorites.


  • Can you dou a list of Vn With public nudity, I’ve been looking but usually the ones that are there are mislabeled

    • Hey MrE,
      you may want to give ‘Tamara’s Exposure’ a try. It’s very clearly someone’s first game, with half tthe background being 3D objects, half being photos that the characters are montaged into; there’s basically no story, and I think the main character’s proportions are a bit of. But on the other hand, it’s scenes after scenes of about half a dozen young women getting naked and having sex in public – in admittedly rather outlandish scenarios. But hey, it does feed that public kink very well.
      Other games with good public scenes in them (but definitely not a focus on the topic) that I’ve come across are ‘The Adventurous Couple’, ‘Become a Rock Star’ and ‘Deliverance’.

  • Thanks for the recommendations! One game I came across that vastly exceeded my expectations is by Vi Novello studio called FETISH LOCATOR. It is available on Steam if you are interested. On opening, it appears to be just another college romp where the object is to score as much pussy as you can. But I found the characterizations to be quite arresting. The plot is a little thin in places but I found myself rooting for the hero and hoping he would make good choices without breaking any hearts. The sex is refreshingly candid and explores many areas that others shy away from, but not at the expense of the storyline. Week 1 is currently online and I am anxiously awaiting week 2. I can’t recommend this enough. Check it out. Thanks for listening!

    • Agreed, ‘Fetish Locator‘ is definitely very interesting! Have only played the first few scenes of it, but definitely well done and an interesting premise.

      • Agreed FL is a superior game- expected the 2d chapter out in Feb but it looks like it is delayed until sometime this summer. Hopefully Steam will pick up the continuing thread.

  • Charles Hinkle

    I’m more interested in games with a female protagonist with lesbian content.

    • “Penny for your Thoughts” has some. It is part 1 of 4 currently. Tlaero and Mortze released “Elsavarse Transitions” that contain lots of sex scenes, including hot lesbian sex in chapters 2 and 5.

    • Eva Kiss’ ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ has a fair amount of lesbian content. I mean it has a fair amount of *everything*, girl-on-girl lovin’ isn’t the main focus, but there’s certainly enough of it.

      There’s also a game called ‘Dog Days of Summer’. I have *not* played it, so can’t say anything about the quality, but I believe that’s a completely lesbian story.

  • Hey Ariane,
    Thanks for these recommendations, they do look very interesting. Some interesting games I’ve come across are:
    – ‘Goss_IP – Vol. 1’ by Basilicata – it uses a 2D styles that works quite well, I think; you alternate between two male MCs; it’s got some interesting mechanics, humour, and of course a fair amount of sex; oh, and it’s finished, so no waiting months for the next content update.
    – ‘Divergence – Beyond the Singularity’ by Artifixion – gorgeous 3D graphics; sexy androids; work in progress.
    – ‘Lust Campus’ by RedLolly Games – beautiful 2D style; female MC; a classic university setting, but interesting (if a bit tropey) characters, good humour, a lovely cat; and did I mention the art style? Very work in progress.

  • Thanks for these recommendations Ariane.
    I’ve just finished What a Legend for the second time and I loved It! Lots of interesting side characters with deep background stories and Very long side quests. The game isn’t even complete ter, but it took me around 10 hours to finish it.
    Please keep recommending us more when you can!

  • William Bavington

    Hi Ariane,
    Re: F95Zone. I had to look up the meaning of ‘sketchy’ in American slang first. Yes, the posters are rude and unpredictable (and get into flame wars) but more to one another than they are to the devs I would say. I do find more review, walkthrough, modding and background information on a huge variety of such games there than on other dedicated websites. I found the site worth it alone for the facilities provided to decompile/depickle Ren’Py – ‘unren’ – which allows me to make my own personal mods. You just have to know when to skip the chains of irrelevant postings, the theological discussions of NTR and loads of other stuff that doesn’t interest me.

  • Hey, we appreciate the shoutout! That video you linked is, unfortunately, kinda weaksauce. Makes chapter 3 look like it takes 15 minutes, when whoever is playing skipped a ton of content. No worries, though, since chapters 1-3 are free to download on our Patreon (which you’ve kindly linked, thank you!).

  • Mate, where do I go to find japanese Visual Novels? I’m specifically looking for Kateikyoushi no Oneesan, preferably in English. I downloaded a Japanese version but can’t make it work.

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