Make Ariane Your Girlfriend

I am releasing Hopepunk City 1.0 to the public October 1. Haven’t decided on pricing yet. Also there will be a free demo made available, too, but probably not at the same time as the release.

So time to start the hype train going!

When I first came up with the concept of Hopepunk City, I was finishing up Ariane in Paradise. A common criticism of Ariane in Paradise is that there is no way to stop her from leaving with Rachel. A three day adventure ends in a sad goodbye.

I decided that in my next game, whatever it would be, I would make it so that Ariane becomes your girlfriend in the end. And that is what one of the possible endings of Hopepunk City is: You and Ariane happily together.

Well, almost happily. This time it’s the world that is falling apart.

You see the other concept I had for a game was a sci-fi adventure of some sort. The concept I came up with was a solarpunk setting with a hopepunk type of story. A story that is optimistic, but not entirely happy. In other words, hopeful.

Here is some mood music (this is not in the game, but it has a similar title and captures the feeling I am going for.)


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