Hopepunk City Beta released to Patreons

20 months of mostly home bound insanity making a game I have had doubts about from the beginning, that ultimately inspired major changes in my life is nearly over. I got a complete working game that I am actually proud of, and released a “beta” version to my $5 patreon supporters.

Sometime in October or November the official 1.0 version will be available for sale, and a short demo will be released for free. But if you want an early peak head on over to Patreon.

I’ve avoided talking about the development of this game because I was inspired by the multiple disasters happening around me in 2020 and now 2021. In a way creating this game was a way to fight against the craziness.

The player protagonist leaves a disastrous situation and moves halfway across the country in search of a better life, which I did in real life while making the game. Like the player protagonist, I struggle with career, and friends, and trying to keep safe in an increasingly dangerous world. It is like I wrote the plot of the game and then lived it. It would be almost autobiographical if I didn’t live it after I wrote the plot.

In a way, I’m both happy and sad to be nearly done.

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