New Game! Strip Crazy Eights!

While working on Hopepunk City, I worked on a scene where you play Crazy Eights with your roommates. This is similar to the Pachisi scene in Date Ariane, or the Roulette scene in Ariane in Paradise. It is an “in game” accurate simulation of the real game.

Two thoughts occurred. First, since opening my online store 7 months ago, I have not had any new products. Second, this Strip Crazy Eights game is actually a lot of fun! So I decided to turn it into a stand alone game that I can put in my store. Since it is short, with no bells or whistles (or any audio for that matter), it is going to be a $2 game.

Free week is over, but the game is only $2.00 at any of the stores below.

Website Store Store

Date Ariane Patreon Page $1 Patrons get the game for free.

Try it out! Tell your friends!


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