Store News: Second Store on

Starting my second month, I am opening a second store location at

If you are not familiar, is a website that caters to indie gamers and indie game creators. There are numerous visual novels available from free to premium. I expect that most of my sales will come primarily from my website store, but it makes sense to have different outlets to fit different needs. Differences between the stores:

  • You will need an account to download/purchase from there.
  • Purchases can be made via credit card or paypal. If you can’t use paypal for some reason, is available.
  • Once a game is purchased, you can re-download it in the future from your account page, no more requesting additional links. PC and Mac downloads are both available with purchase.
  • You will get notified of new updates when they come in the future.
  • Android games are only available at store.

Patreon coming back soon!

After more than a year off, I’ll be restarting my Patreon soon. Rewards will include early picture of the week access, free game coupons, betas and demos. I know I mentioned before I was doing the store as an alternative to Patreon, but I decided to bring it back to provide an alternative method of getting the games.

If you are a $5 Patreon supporter, and you have an account, you will be able to get all the games available at no additional cost.


  • quick question, i remember back then that date ariane was free to download, and now it is $5, if i can ask, why is it $5 now?

    • The primary reason is that it is no longer economically viable to give away games, as discussed in this post.

      The more personal reason is that I decided I want to try and make games full time, and I figured out how to make it financially work. Right now it looks like $5 is the market clearing price, and hopefully I can cover expenses at that level. The last two months have shown me it can work if I can cut some expenses as well.

      Patreon can be a cheaper alternative, once it is all set up.

      • ah so then it’s $5 each game, and when you reach the amount that you spent, making all of this, it’ll go back to free?
        also a different question, let’s say I buy one of the games, and i change computers or something, when I log in to paypal, with the website know that I bought it before, and i could just redownload it, right ( this might be a simple answer, but i just want to make sure).

      • Yes, you should be able to, but it might require requesting a new link.

  • So I still own a copy of every game before the stores opened, so would it be possible to get the updated version since I technically own a copy? Or do I have to pay for it?

  • So I still own the games from before the stores, so would it be possible to get the updated version for DA or do I have to pay for it?

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