Store News: First month experiment

This whole store thing has been an experiment from the get go, and after a month, I can make some conclusions:

  • I was right, it is not making me rich, but it is covering my expenses, and will continue for now.
  • Good News: The expense of “free” downloads is not very much so I can afford to host free content like the Date Ariane patch. This is good news for future content I want to offer for free “for a limited time”.
  • Bad News: Between Payloadz and Paypal fees, it isn’t worth pricing things at $1, so the android files will be increasing to $2 in mid February. Call it a 50% off sale until then.

There is probably a good essay to be written on “Patreon” vs, “Store front”. For me, store front is the way to go, as I am not one of those who likes to stick to a time frame. I have not worked on any new content this month, which would be a Patreon failure. With store front, I just need to make sure it is all running, with only a few complaints to handle. Patreon offers a fairly stable income stream, vs the up and down demand of store sales.

That being said I still need to do some promotion, which means I’ll be doing images of the week again soon.


  • Any thoughts about uploading future projects to Steam?

  • Is there any news about your consideration of releasing free torrent versions as alternatives to the more convenient store, or distributing the source via git? I played your games a few years ago, and they actually inspired me to get into game development rather than mere programming (what I was doing at that time).
    I definitely honor your work and would be happy to attribute you financially for it, but as the only payment option for storefront and donations is PayPal (a service that I do not and will not use for several reasons) I sadly won’t be able to enjoy any new releases or replay the classics.

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