All Games Available in Store

I have now finished uploading all four games to the store for PC and Mac. I have also finished Android versions of Date Ariane and Ariane in Paradise. The only thing missing is Android version of Something’s In The Air, because the version that I have is the 3rd edition, and I have not upgraded to the 4th edition.

I want to do the Android version of SITA to be like the Android version of Ariane in Paradise with the menus in the middle of the screen. Anyways there is a weekend project worth of work to do on it, so it may be a while.

In the mean time, the store is working out exactly as I planned, bringing in about what I was making on Patreon. Basically extra beer money. At least now my side hobby is not burning a hole in my pocket.

Next Game

I spent most of 2020 working on a fifth Ariane game. It is not close to ready, and setting up the store has put it on the back burner for now. I’ll talk more about it later, but I hope to have it done during 2021.

Future of the Store

Right now, my focus is on “stocking the shelves” to go with the store metaphor. The android version of SITA is my next project. Once that is done, I plan to run specials and what not.


  • Thanks man! Really like your work and I am really looking forward to your next game. Im really glad i can support you by buying the games from your store

    • I just ordered the android version of date ariane, however there is no apk file on the payloadz website. Can you help me?

      • If you bought the game for android, you should have received an email with links to two files: The apk file and a txt file explaining how to use the apk file on your device. I just tested it and the apk file is missing from the link , try the link in the email again, if it says it timed out I can send another for free.

  • As I was upload Rachel Meets Ariane, there was an issue that may have corrupted the upload, so I deleted the file, then the website did not refresh showing I deleted it, and accidentally deleted the AIP android file, and I quickly reuploaded.

    But without realizing I may have deleted the date ariane android file as well, and people that bought it did not get it. I uploaded it again, so try the link in the email.

    If it says it expired, then reply, and I will send another one. I believe only 6 or 7 people were affected.

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