AiP 1.10 Ending (spoilers)

Rounding up the month of Ariane in Paradise pictures with the very last picture I made for the game when finishing up the 1.10 expansion I released last month.

The new ending is hard to get to, but it consists of a nude pool party with almost every character in the game present. You get there by 1.) getting all 40 achievements, then 2.) playing the game as a “naked player character” through the character screen which disables the scoreboard so you have to play to the very end without seeing how well you are doing.

The party starts at sunset when you get there, but then Rachel and Ariane arrive after their plane trip gets cancelled, and the game ends with them dancing naked as the credits roll. It’s a silly “bonus” ending, that is not canonical and will not be referenced again.

The above picture shows Rachel, Ariane, and Trish dancing in front. Captain Jack and Lin from the sailboat ride are dancing on the left, and the band in the background is the same one from the street.

On the other scenes from the party you will see (pic 1) the couple from the bus on day 3, the couple from the very first picture in the game, the boat rental guy, the scooter rental guy, and the croupier from the casino. Pic 2 is similar to above, but adds the guy who grabbed Ariane, the girl in the dress who danced next to Ariane, and Tassiana with dark hair trying to disguise herself. Pic 3 has the Professor from the Aviary with his dodo, the bikini girls from the yacht, and the volleyball players. Pic 4 is the girls from the old ending, and pic 5 is the couple that have been following you everywhere, and the bartender/bikini girl from the lake.

You then meet one of 5 women who you also met at some point — these are the new objectives. “Carmen” is the swimsuit shop girl you will meet if your character is female and bought a top. “Christine” is the woman from the chateau who showed you the cave and your character is male. “Flo” is the woman that both gender characters get if you didn’t earn the first two, but went to the wrap party. If you did none of those things and you are female, you meet Joelle the police officer, or Mandy the bicycle girl if you are male.

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