Ariane in Paradise “Anniversary Edition”

If you are reading this, I have uploaded the newest version of Ariane In Paradise (1.10) available on the download page. PC, Mac, Linux, and Android have all been updated.

I first released a full game “beta” on Patreon a year ago, with an official version 1.0 release in October 2019, so this is to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the game.

You can download a 26mb patch here to upgrade version 1.03 or higher to 1.10. On PC or Linux extract the patch to the directory where the .exe file is, and “replace” everything. On Mac you control-click (right-click) the Ariane in Paradise app, Show Package Contents, go to Contents/Resources/autorun/ and drag the patch game folder, and if a window pops up, choose “Combine”. Patch also works on Ariane En El Paraiso version.

There is no patch for Android, but it is a 140mb download, and should not erase saved progress.

What’s new?

This is primarily an update to “Naked PC mode” that was introduced in version 1.02. This mode unlocks after you complete the 40 achievements, and to use it, you click “character” and create a nude character. It puts the game in “hard” mode (no stats are displayed) but you will introduce yourself to Ariane without a swimsuit. The 1.02 version only changed the opening scene and the “wrap party” path. 1.10 changes numerous things on day 2 (hint: go to breakfast wearing just a towel).

The biggest changes are the day 2 beach, the day 2 coral reef, and the day 3 beach scenes — and a new ending! There are minor surprises in all paths of all days. Naked PC mode is not intended to be canonical or make a lot of sense, it is just for silly fun.

In the regular game, there are a number of bug fixes, moving of text so it does not hide other text (a problem especially in Android version). There are also some minor plot changes.


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