The Facts Are These…


I apologize in advance if some of these links are behind a paywall. I have a subscription to the Washington Post, so that is where the majority of this info comes from.

– Trump had 70 days of warning that this disaster was coming and did nothing until he absolutely had to. Story

– Because of his delayed reaction, the US now leads the world in both cases and deaths. Almost one out of every 4 deaths from Covid-19 is an American death. Chart

– Not only did Trump not do anything to prepare in February, he approved the sale of supplies to China that led to shortages here in America in March that are still affecting us. Story

– Trump has largely ignored cries from governors for federal aid in the worst stricken states, leaving it in the hands of the Governors to do his job. Story and Video More Recent Story Even more recent story

– Trump knows his Presidency hinges on the Coronavirus response, and he has no clue what to do, often grasping at straws for solutions that are not real solutions. Story

– No one knows where the “100,000 to 250,000 deaths by August” figure originally came from, and seems to be a ploy to make Trump look good when it doesn’t reach that high. Story

– It could still reach that high if there is a second surge resulting from reopening the economy too early.

– There is no way to know when it is time to reopen the economy without massive amounts of testing, and Trump seems to be clueless to this fact. He would rather take a guess, and since he wants to open ASAP, it will be too soon for sure, and there will be more deaths again. Story Video

– Trump pretty much wasted the entire month of April doing as little as possible waiting for the day the economy can open up so he can declare “victory”.  He is trying to shift all the blame to China, despite having the highest case count and death count in the world, which is entirely on him.  Despite closing the country down in April, he did the bare minimum to prepare for a reopening and experts agree we are not ready. Story

Bottom line: Trump should not get any credit at all for “helping” America through this crisis. He didn’t bring the virus here, but he has done very little to make things better, and has consistently made it worse. Story

but, but, but… we are over reacting, this is just as bad as a flu, the Democrats opposed the China travel ban! This is way worse than the seasonal flu, quarantine and social distancing is working which is why the numbers are going down, and Democrats thought the ban on travel to China was a good idea. Story


    • Trump supporters bring up closing the borders as something he got right, and maybe he did, but that was weeks ago, and he has failed on many fronts since then. He did the ONE thing he instinctively knows how to do, close the borders, but that just lowered the number of initial cases. Now that the disease is spreading, Trump has no answers except bad advice and nonsense. He should be organizing and acquiring supplies, but he decided to leave it up to the states. He has not implemented any of the recommendations, hoping it will all just go away.

      So stop it with YOUR fake news!

    • @Skeptisk the president never ‘ordered’ the CDC to start screening travelers on the 17th. The CDC can decide that monitoring incoming passengers is required in the face of a potential pandemic, and then in coordination with the Department of Homeland Security it can start such operations. The president was not involved in this – that tweet is another attempt to rewrite history.

      In fact, after Jan 17th Trump first went on to say it wasn’t going to be a pandemic, then he said he was confident China was transparent about the number of cases (and what does he say now?). It wasn’t until the 31st that he took more action on travel from China. But in fact, he didn’t close borders at all. The country was closed for “foreign nationals who had been in China in the last 14 days.” Those words did nothing and for much of the crisis, planes from China kept landing on a daily basis. If closing borders was at all effective, it was far too late by the time they were shut down for real. The virus was already spreading inside the castle gates.

      Trump sure disseminated a lot of nonsense. Remember he said the virus would be gone by April? Well, it’s April, Do-Nothing Donald dawdled for weeks, and now you’re looking at thousands of deaths daily. That ‘democratic hoax’ stuff got pretty real, didn’t it.

  • idontknowmyname

    I’m not fully aware of the situation in the USA, all I know are the numbers. I live in a country that was going through some bad economical problems before the virus, we had 12 million unemployed, I wouldn’t doubt this number being twice as high nowadays.

    The question is what’s worse: the Corona Virus or a recession that no one knows how bad will be.

    Yes, the corona kills a lot. Yes, it is a health hazard. But is it worse than massive unemployment? Debt? How many people will lose their homes? Their livelihood? The results of closing the economy for so long range from bad to Venezuela.

    I know my country can’t afford that. If my country’s economy remains closed for another month it’s apocalypse. And I wish that was an exageration. 1 dollar costs 5,50 units of my country’s currency. Before the Corona it was stable at 4, which is already terrible.

    The USA can stand a while longer, yes, maybe a even month. But the economy has to reopen. And if Trump does reopen the economy now the Corona will probably spread, but if the US doesn’t get a recession as bad as 2008, then it’s probably because of him.

    I’m not a Trump supporter. I dislike both Democrats and Republicans. They are relics of a bygone age whose ideas generally ignore the effects of de-centralized information in a society.

    Let us all hope that this Corona disaster ends soon.

    Good luck to you all 🙂

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  • I love the post.I agree with everything you said.
    I wish those Fox News followers would watch a couple hours of CNN and get a dose of reality.

    Trump wants to be a dictator, If he gets re-elected, he might just pull it off. He has “joked” about deserving 4 more years even after he is re-elected. I think he is serious about it.
    He lies to the media, attacks or fires anyone who is not his “yes man”.
    He is already controlling the Mail, FBI, and now is fooling with FDA and CDC. He has found a work around for getting appointees approved by congress, he just calls them ‘interim’, then never appoints a permanent person.

    Where can I get one on those T-shirts 🙂

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