Futurama: The Best TV Show Ever!


I have decided that Futurama is the greatest TV show ever.

But what about “The Wire” that constantly wins critic lists? What about “Game of Thrones” which dominates interest online? What about “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” which started the current Golden Age Of Television we are still enjoying? What about “M*A*S*H” the highest rated non-sports show ever? Or “The Simpsons” soon to enter its 30th season?

All good shows, but I submit Futurama is better. What is it about this show that was cancelled and brought back twice (something I am pretty sure has never happened before) only to be cancelled again that makes it the best show ever?

Because it is the most rewatchable show ever made.


Thousands of people watch at least one of the 124 episodes and 4 TV movies every day usually just before bed as a way to relax and unwind and often fall asleep to. Why do I know this? Because I am one of them. We even have a Reddit board with over 5000 members of people who fall asleep watching Futurama. Most of the board posts are “I can’t believe there is a board dedicated to something I have been doing for years”, meaning there are tens of thousands of other “Futurama sleepers” who don’t know about the board.

There is just something familiar and comfortable about the show which pokes fun at science fiction, and science in general. If you can get past the ridiculous premise, a pizza delivery boy is accidentally frozen for a thousand years waking up in the year 3000, then there is no way you won’t enjoy the show.  Because the show is set a thousand years in the future, it mostly avoids present day cultural references, giving it a mostly timeless appeal.

Matt Groening was asked about “Futurama Sleepers” and had this to say:

“Yes, I do know about Futurama Sleepers, and the fact that there’s a subreddit devoted to it is proof this is indeed a strange and wonderful world. The truth is I once fell asleep during the show, but it was during a late-night Futurama writing session, and the couch was so damn comfy….So whaddaya say we grab a six-pack and watch the end of the universe? Your pal, Matt”

Bad news everyone!

I bring this up because a fairly large portion of Futurama watchers get the show on Netflix, and at least the first 5 seasons will be removed from Netflix on July 1st. This has made some worry that they may never be able to fall asleep again.


A lot of hatred is being aimed at Netflix, which streams the show, and Fox which owns the show and is the one pulling the show from Netflix. There is some speculation that because Fox partly owns Hulu that the seasons will move to Hulu, but that has not been confirmed.

The biggest question for most fans is “How can I continue to watch the show?”, which has led to discussions of legal and illegal ways of getting personal copies of the show, and had led further to discussing the status of streaming TV in general and how there are now too many “exclusive” shows on too many streaming services.

Personally, I’ve set myself up already. I own all the DVDs often purchased the day they were released, and have ripped them all to 10 GB of MP4 files on a network drive that every device I own can access. It also fits on a 16GB micro SD card that I can take anywhere.  Unfortunately, not as many fans are as technically sophisticated as I am.

I have seen every episode dozens of times. I sometimes rewatch other shows, but not nearly as often. Even the weak episodes still have their humorous moments. It’s just a damn good show I can’t stop watching… just before bedtime.

Good News Everyone!

On June 20th, most of the original voice cast did a live table read of the episode “Proposition Infinity” to promote a new Futurama video game.  Here is a link to the video:

and here is a link to the game that will be coming out June 29th: https://www.youwillplayfuturama.com/

9 thoughts on “Futurama: The Best TV Show Ever!

  1. I write whatever is on my mind, and this was on my mind.

    I think the last episode of Seinfeld got it right, it never was a show about “nothing”, instead it was a show about 4 evil and miserable people. “Friends” was a show about 6 evil and miserable people and contributed to the downfall of civilization. https://medium.com/@thatdavidhopkins/how-a-tv-sitcom-triggered-the-downfall-of-western-civilization-336e8ccf7dd0

    I think that type of humor has gone out of style.

  2. I have never gotten into Futurama. Instead, while looking for evidence of intelligence in the media, I have become an anime junkie. Not just some stinkin’ “Rocket Boy” shit, but the truly adult and weird. Try “Prison School”. (uncensored) and you should be hooked after the first two episodes. You won’t see Bender deal with accidentally seeing someone pee or peeing on them. The Japanese take on the very strange that would never pass muster here in the States. And, for the love of God, don’t watch the dub versions. American voice actors sound like Disney mind controlled clones. The Japanese voice actors have it nailed, so IF YOU CAN READ subtitles, you get it all. Cheers!!!! Ric

    1. Last night there was a live reading from the cast on Facebook. The stream comments got into the sleeping thing.

      It was to promote a new Futurama game coming out June 29th.

      1. Drakpowers

        That’s really neat! I’ll have to find that on YouTube somewhere.

        I saw the promotional bit where Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Bill Nye, George Takei, and Stephen Hawking argue with each other. Well, their heads anyways. It was quite enjoyable even if it was just to promote their new game.

  3. yetisyny

    Have you seen the secret Futurama episode entitled “The Lost Adventure”? It is included on the DVD of “The Beast with a Billion Backs” and is a video version of what happens in the Xbox / PlayStation 2 game for people who just want to watch it as an episode without having to go through the effort of playing a game. It is actually on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTKgLK6DB80 . I love the character Adoy…

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