Something’s In The Air now works in Android


It has been a long time coming, but Something’s In The Air is now available for Android. You can download it at

The early version of Renpy that Something’s In The Air was written in was not Android compatible, and when I tried to upgrade to the latest, it broke a lot of the game puzzles. After a couple of weeks of figuring out how to fix the puzzles and doing a full play test, I decided to upload it to my site, only to find out no one was able to get it to work.

I finally got a hold of an android tablet and confirmed that there was an issue. In my attempt to fix it I made a special Android only version of the game with smaller pictures and removing the player name feature (input prompts are a known bug in Renpy android). Neither of those were the issue as it turns out, and I finally found that the issue was a misplaced file. Still I am keeping the smaller pictures and no player name feature out of the Android version. I play tested all the potentially problematic puzzles and they seem to work.

It takes a while to load, and some of the animations stutter a bit, but it works.

The Other Updates

The PC, Mac, and Linux versions have been upgraded, taking advantage of the new Renpy features, as well as sharing the same “theme” as the recent Date Ariane version.

I am calling the newest version the “third edition” like a normal novel would. There have only been minor changes to the text and story, predominantly where it comes to events of the “last date with Ariane”.  I dropped the ability to import dates, it was not that popular anyways, and instead created 33 “last dates” that cover most of the major events from “Date Ariane”, I left a few events out and left out details to prevent “spoilers”  for players who play Something’s In The Air first.  Unlike previous versions, you can change the “last date” in the middle of the game. You used to have to start a new game.

Another change from the last version: No more on screen keyboard. It felt a little tacky and not Android compatible. However, there still may be issues with people playing on tablets who cant use their keyboard to type a name in.  As a back up, you can pick from a list of 48 male names.  Names can also be changed at any time in the middle of the game. (this feature is not in the Android version)

Also, buttons are bigger in height, smaller in width. This makes them easier to touch when playing on a small tablet or phone. I changed the main font as well to make it easier to read on smaller screens.  I also fixed a few pictures either because they looked bad or they were not consistent with the new Date Ariane.

A new added feature: You can turn off the “soundtrack” music without turning off the important to the plot music. Music in dance scenes, movie scenes and concert scenes will play as normal, but theme music and background music will not play when soundtrack is off.


  • I don’t use Android, although I have a PC, my phone uses iOS, so I cannot test it…although I would like it a lot. 😃

  • How can I play somethings in the air

  • I cant download it…everytime download it …it fail..

    • A lot of people are writing that they are having problems downloading/installing Date Ariane and SITA for Android directly from the website to their android device. I do not know if something got changed in the latest versions of Android, but I can confirm it is now a problem.
      What does work is this:
      1. On your android device, go to settings > security > device administration and turn on “allow installation of apps from unknown sources”
      2. On a separate PC, go to and download DateAriane-1.0-release.apk then move the completed download to a shared folder that your android device can access through its file manager, or you can go the microSD transfer route if your device allows it.
      3. Select the .apk file through file manager and select “install” then “allow”. It may take a while to install. It will save on your device with the Renpy logo with the title Date Ariane. Open the app and there will be a renpy load screen on your screen for up to a minute. If it is longer than that, you either have a really slow device or something went wrong.

      Hope this helps.

  • I want to dow somethings in the air but it won’t let me

  • How?

  • Hi Ariane my name is Arthur, I’m brazilian. I wonder if you are going to translate the game to Portuguese. I understand a little English but I know it would be much easier and fun as the Date Ariane (by the way great game) if it were translated into Portuguese. thanks and kisses.

  • Hi Ariane my name is João Vitor, I’m brazilian. I wonder if you are going to translate the game to Portuguese. I understand a little English but I know it would be much easier and fun as the Date Ariane (by the way great game) if it were translated into Portuguese. thanks and kisses.

  • Felipe Medeiros

    Hello Ariane, I am Brazilian and I understand a little English, but it would be great to have Something In The Air in Portuguese, the first game was great, and this has great potential, I wish very much to have the game in Portuguese, would benefit all fans their games

  • Tem sita versão portugues no android

  • I dont have a pc right now and i want to play it. I cant download it

  • Hello Ariane, I am Brazilian and I do not understand much English, I wanted to know have an Android version in Portuguese of SITA or if you have any date in mind when you have, thank you.

  • Hey there, I am Brazilian too. Look, your game is very popular here, everybody loves your game, please, we need a portuguese version! We love you ❤ Thanks

  • Hello! My name is Alex, and i wonder if you could make a translation to Portuguese (Brazil) I do not know much english. I understand english very little, and i’m using google translator to write this, so i’m sorry if you are half wrong. But anyway, i await an answer about the translation! Have a nice day.

  • There is a problem with the download servers, every time i download Date Arian and SomethingInTheir it it fails , please upload all file on google drive or any other file sharing websites

  • Regards.

    You should translate this game for Portuguese, because Date Ariane was very successful in Brazil,

  • How do I get it? I wasted 3 days and found nothing pls help

  • Quando sairá a versão em português no Android???

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