Date Ariane 10th Anniversary Edition is now in beta


I have now finished updating 1155 pictures from Date Ariane. There are 5 pictures from the original game that have not been updated because there really isn’t a need. If you want to see a history of the updates, I documented it on my tumblr blog.

The original game had 1278 pictures, the majority of pictures I “cut” were from a rarely seen “Whiskey” drunk scene which had over 100 pictures in it.  I replaced it with a much simpler (and funnier) “Absinthe” scene consisting of 11 pictures.  There are numerous other places I added or removed pictures. Most of the time I added to enhance a scene, and most of the time I removed pictures because they were redundant.

What about the “Classic” version?

With all the changes to both the graphics and the interface, it looks and feels like a new game even with identical plots.  With that in mind I will continue to make the “Classic” edition available on my website as long as I have a web site.  For now, when you go to you will have your choice of two versions.

Yesterday, I re-uploaded a fresh copy of the old version so you no longer have to play often outdated versions on 3rd party websites like this guy did.  I don’t know how popular the “classic” version will be in the future, but I’ll be monitoring it. Depending on how it goes, I will either move the old version to its own page accessible from the main page or just make it available as a download only.

Can I download the “10th Anniversary Edition”?

Not yet.  After spending a month changing all the hidden links to open links to make the game more phone/tablet/touchscreen friendly, then spending 9 months redoing all the graphics, there is still a final step of correcting text, moving text links to better places on the screen, and general bug squashing.

There are certain ways I want the game to flow following certain rules, and currently that is not the case.  Also, I need to make sure that every event in the game is reachable and every picture viewable through normal play.  There were a few months there when the couch make out scene could not be finished due to a missing quotation mark in the code.  Bottom line, I have not been very diligent in debugging during the graphics update.

That should change now that I’m done. I project another month to do debugging and text clean up, then I will make the game available to download.  It should be a 120 MB download when its done.


  • Well, I played the game a couple of times, the new images are great! Some anatomy problems, like the position of arms and legs while swimming, but nothing that an ordinary person would notice. The images are really good. I am waiting for the program download…

  • I loved the original. It was a fascinating way to tell a story. Can’t wait to see the new changes!

  • I just read about the new set of rules for the game. They are logic, and the changes make it different, therefore more interesting to those who already completed all the different options before. The alcohol issue was well approached in my opinion. The telescope was a great add, as well as the phone camera. Great work.

  • Some excellent work here. However, a couple of observations.
    One, when Rebecca has disrobed, she suddenly has her undies on again when Ariane walks in.
    In the first round in the bedroom, the image is very static, with the camera position moving. It’s just not as effective as in the second round, cowgirl style. Also, Ariane’s expression in most of these scenes is somewhat… uninterested.
    I’m often finding that animated scenes (now sequences of jpgs instead of animated gifs) often have missing frames. Not sure why, the images are there sometimes, and not others. Just a heads up.

    Constructive criticism I hope. Still enjoying it! Thanks and keep up the good work!

    • I already found the Rebecca bug you mentioned and fixed it. My thinking on the sex scene was to lower the resources needed, the static picture downloads faster and easier than 10 pictures, and it was better than two sets of 10 pictures. I did both in SITA as well. I’m play testing the game off my hard drive and the missing frames issue is no where as bad.

      Tested pre-dinner and dinner and mapping functions so far. Post dinner testing will be done in three phases: no traits, friendzone, and all traits. If everything works in those three modes, the game should be ready.

      • Interesting that a series of jpgs would be more efficient than a single gif, but then I’m no expert.
        The missing frames thing is hit and miss. Sometimes it does it, sometimes not. Probably not a game issue, more likely something web-based?
        Anyway, appreciate the response and update!

  • The ‘missing images’ problem is likely due to 403 errors; I was having quite a few issues with the game breaking because critical parts weren’t loading. No doubt the servers are getting hammered by people eager to play the facelifted date game, which looks fantastic, by the way =)

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