Something’s In The Air is One Year Old


Something’s In The Air is one year old this week, at least the open beta is. Combined Beta and 1.0 downloads has reached 93,000.  I recently did a new play through using my tablet PC, and only found two minor bugs.

I plan to do a 1.1 version once the Date Ariane update is done, at the very least just to update the Date Ariane pictures that appear in SITA. I also want to include a way to enter text in game, so that it can be played on a tablet, then release the long promised android version.

In the mean time, the girls of SITA are trying a little Doctor Who cosplay: Rachel Spahr as Rose Tyler, Ariane Barnes as Clara Oswald, and Paula Brannigan as Amy Pond.


  • Your work is getting better , Ariane’s hair look fabulous. I started watching “seriously” some episodes of Dr. Who with my nephew, some time ago. Some episodes are really great, like that one with the weeping stone angels. Time travel is one of my favorite sci-fi themes . Something’s InThe Air is a great game, I did not find time to go through all the parts, so I did not find any bug yet. Probably a new game involving a sci-fi theme would be a good thing.

  • Hello there, I would like to ask when approximately is gonna be androidversion relased? Or is there any other good visuak novel for android availible?

  • As a fan of your games and of Dr Who, applause is in order.
    Excited for Ariane update!

    • I just saw the art of the girls inside the Tardis. Fantastic work ! I think that the Ariane´s hair is better this way… you could use this in other games and illustrations. These things make me wanto to start using some CG program, like DAZ or Poser …

      • Ariane’s hair in that picture is the same hair used by “Supermodel” Rachel on SITA. It also requires some post work to look that good.
        Hence, I don’t want to use it in a whole game, but for the occasional stills it is a fun look.

  • Yeah, I noticed that those hairs for DAZ and Poser still need some improvement to look like real hair. But the idea of making pinups or posters of Ariane and her friends in various situations is cool. Maybe a set of cards… 🙂

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