A Day In The Life of Ariane

One of my post Something’s In The Air projects was to update my web page.  After doing Date Ariane, I came up with this idea of showing what Ariane is doing every moment of every day and creating a desktop theme that changes with the time of day.  My idea got really elaborate for a while, sometimes changing pictures every 5 minutes, but not knowing how to pull it off, I decided to port the idea to my web page.

Basically, whenever you visit the home page or the link page of arianeb.com, you will see Ariane’s predominant activity during that hour.  It is based on what time it is on your computer, so time zone does not matter.  There are weekday and weekend versions.

This has been the case now for a few years, and the original pics were purposely set in a different house than the one in Date Ariane.  I did a minor update after creating a V4 version of Ariane, but now that Ariane has a better house which I plan to use in SITA and Date Ariane 2, I decided to make all new pictures, though in the case of the above “Ariane goes to the office” it remains the same.

The old pictures were 1000×500 to support the fact that most people were viewing the web on computes via browsers on wide screen monitors. The new pictures are 1000×800 which is slightly better resolution but more square to support the fact that most people are now viewing on phones and tablets which can be oriented horizontally or vertically.

I’m planning on more changes to my website, such as easier to read text on small phone screens and bigger links for easier tablet clicking.  I still have at this writing 6 more pics to do, two dinner time, and four late night pics, I also want to do lunch time pics.


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