Reimagine Date Ariane


Not only is a “port” of Date Ariane to Renpy not happening (see last post), but a “remake” is not in the cards either.

As I explained hover text is very difficult to do in Renpy.  I have also found that converting the javascript code to Renpy is proving too difficult even with simple menus.  The javascript implementation is split up into 5 frames each with different parts of the code, making it difficult to follow and translate into Python, which is what Renpy uses.

Bottom line: “Ports” and “remakes” are not fun to do, and the whole point of doing projects like this is to have fun.  Time to just start over before I go crazy.

So I am taking a page from TV marketers and calling the project a “reimagining” of Date Ariane.  I’m basically rewriting the game to include many of people’s favorite scenes, and hopefully some new ones, but connecting them together a little differently.

I decided that I’m not going to try and explain what I am doing, especially this early in the game development.  But two big changes I’ll say now: 1. Not one date but many, and Ariane remembers past dates, 2. Event success no longer based on Ariane’s state of inebriation, but on player reputation.

I have no idea if what I have planned will actually turn into a fun game or not, but I am looking forward to finding out.


  • Sounds like a lot of fun actually, the idea of a building relationship adds a whole new element to the game in my opinion, especially if Arianne makes callbacks about previous things you’ve done together. There’s some fun potential there too with the varied sex scenes.

  • But isn’t what you described last a remake? Not that it’ll be the same, as you said, it’s difficult. However, the remake you’re describing should hopefully not venture to far from how Ariane behaves in the original. Just different way of playing the game. And hopefully, you’ll have fun while doing this, of course!

  • Good call on moving forward instead of looking back.

    Instead of tying yourself to “Date Ariane”, why not consider a “Woman about Town” direction. Since the PC has an opportunity to “meet” a lot of different women in the games, no one would be surprised if the PC that Ariane is dating this time is NOT the same PC in Date Ariane.

    Since the environment context is the same, and you never see the face of the PC, there’s nothing stopping a conceptual move in that direction. This unshackles you to create a completely new dating context built on the lessons virtual Ariane learned from her experience with the first PC.

    Her new fuzzy decision model for judging the new PC and adjusting the options she presents him/her at any given juncture would then just be a reflection of that experience/maturity/growth.

    Whever the case, you know we’ll love anything you create and any direction you decide to go.

  • Sounds nice. It would definitely be nice to see the creepy alcohol based mechanics start to get phased out of these kind of games.

  • FWIW, I much preferred the Ariane from SITA rather than the one in this image. The SITA Ariane looks more natural somehow.

    • It’s actually the same model, just a different hair style. This is actually an old picture, the pic on the last entry is more recent, I am tinkering with the hair a little more.

  • Epic! Sounds like what I wanted SITA to be (of having the choices on the first date have more meaning on the second). Also great that it focuses more on your reputation than just trying to get her drunk. Sounds like the game I always wanted. Though this would probably take forever, though being launched in stages might be alright /shrug.

    Anyway, few questions:

    1. Any chance you could beef up the sex scenes? Make them longer and more erotic?
    2. Will there be a threesome option this time or still just a normal dating encounter?

    Also, don’t feel the need to restrict yourself to what’s in the original. I would like some new stuff. Hell, even a new girl would be nice.

    Anyway, I just started my own game like this using tlaero’s engine she used to make Keeley and Christine, so hopefully I’ll be able to become anywhere near as good as you too eventually ;o

  • 2. Event success no longer based on Ariane’s state of inebriation, but on player reputation.

    Glad to hear it, the “pour alcohol into her until she’s one drink from passing out to have sex with her” thing felt really sleazy.

    I wonder, though. Does that mean it will no longer be possible to have sex with her on the first date? That would seem to disable parts of SITA (where she talks about how having had sex on the first date went against her self-image).

    • As I write a new Date Ariane, I am not worrying about how it will affect SITA, (I will just update SITA at some point to match the new DA).

      My current plan is that there will be a possible sex scene on the first date, but it will not be what you expect.

  • Looking forward to this “reimagining” of yours. What pretty much made SITA great for me, was seeing Ariane remember those past dates. Knew her and the player had rapport, but didn’t think they would know each other so well(Definitely a good thing).

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