Something’s In The Air 1.0


After over two years of work, Something’s In The Air is finally done (for now), with version 1.0 now released. You can download it here for Windows, Mac, or Linux.

Two years seems like a long time for a fairly short game, but this was a very part time hobby, and I would not have bothered to make it if I wasn’t having a lot of fun making it.  This game is mostly for me.  If others enjoy it, well that’s cool.  If others hate it, well I don’t care, because I like it.

So the beta version has been out for almost 3 months and has been downloaded over 47,000 times, so most of you are already familiar with the game.

So what has changed from beta?

First of all the number of endings have been reduced from 40 to 25, but only 1 ending has actually been eliminated. That was the fake cliffhanger trailer “Do You Know Any Gymnasts?” ending which I decided not to finish, so I dropped it, and removed its content.  In its place I added 5 new “epilogues” which I will discuss later.

I also dropped 7 “bad” endings like “Game Over” or “Bus Ride Home”.  I didn’t actually drop them, they are still there, they just no longer count as endings.  Lots of beta players complained that when stuck on 39 of 40 endings, it turns out they were missing some stupid bad ending.  So now you don’t need to worry about that. I also merged 8 “redundant” endings with other endings. For example the 4 “Amusement Park” endings are now just one ending, since they were basically just different versions of the same ending.  Ditto the two Bonnie endings, and the two photo shoot endings, etc.  That’s a total of 16 endings dropped, and 40 – 16 = 24.

The 25th ending is a new Ariane story which you will have to find on your own.  If Whiskey made Ariane act a little crazy in Date Ariane, wait until you see what Tequila does in SITA.

In place of trying to reach all the endings, there is now a new “completionist” task of filling out a “Player’s Notebook”.  As you play the various stories, you collect info on 12 different major and minor characters. It is possible to finish the 25 endings and still have lots of blank spaces in the notebook to find.  Instead of collecting endings, you collect info.

A couple of rule changes: First, the 4th story is not available until you unlock at least 5 of 6 “clues” which help you discover the over all plot of “Something’s In The Air”.  You can find out how you are doing with unlocking these clues in the Gallery section.

Second, after you completed the 25 endings, and view the complete list of endings in the gallery, you are given a choice of only one of five characters to pursue a further relationship with: Ariane, Rachel, Bonnie, Wendy, or Paula.  Whichever you choose, you will jump into a short epilogue featuring that character, and what happens next.

Why do you only get to choose one?  Because Something’s In The Air is sort of an Americanized version of Japanese dating sims, and most Japanese dating sims make you choose one girl to go steady with at the end, I decided to make my own version of this type of ending.

In real Japanese dating sims, once you made your choice, the only way to make another choice (and see other endings) is to start the whole game over again.  I made it easier:  Once you made your choice, you can go through the ending list again, and see the other 4 endings.  Your choice of character is noted in the notebook, otherwise it does not matter what you pick.

What else is new?  Besides the new story and epilogues, I improved some of the graphics, corrected dialogue mistakes, and added sound effects during the sex scenes.  This was a widely requested addition, so I figured, “Why not?”  If you do not like them, there is a file in the game directory called “customization_notes.html” that tells you how to remove them, or make your own.

Also in the game directory, you will find all the pictures and renpy files for the game.  Note that just because I made these files easy to view and edit does not mean you can make and release your own version of the game. It does mean you can customize your own copy of the game however you want.  I love modding games. so I made SITA easy to mod.  What you wont find are the audio files.  They are locked up in an archive for license and copyright reasons.

For you Renpy geeks, beta used version 6.14.1, final uses 6.15.7.  People that could not run the beta might have better luck with the upgraded Renpy.

Hope you enjoy the final version. Note that due to new variable names old saved beta games will not work in the 1.0 version, but 1.0 uses a different save directory, so you should not run into any conflicts there.

If you find any bugs or mistakes, post them in the comments.  If I get enough bug reports, or a serious bug is found, I’ll release a version 1.1 to address them, but my game plan is to mark SITA as “done” and start working on the next project.   (Anyone interested in a “Girl’s of SITA” calendar?)


  • Waiting and waiting, now it is here. Ready to play 🙂

  • Thanks for all the hard work and thanks for confirming that I wasn’t missing a major ending in the beta!

  • Typo at the end of Makeup Sex: The next moring your hear on the news that a freak thunderstorm etc…: Should be morning I guess
    BTW the tequila & backstage story is hot!

    • Other typo, Ariane & Lydia in hot tub: ‘By the time you get back the girls have stared the party without you.’ I would stare as well, but I guess started is meant here. 8)

      • Thanks for the heads up. I’m fixing these mistakes as people point them out. I also found a really odd bug in the token game I haven’t pinned down yet. So far not enough to justify a 1.1 release, but maybe later.

      • I’m far too picky, I know. Other typo. “You’d better. If you need me back, I’ll be on the couch masterbating.” Should be with an ‘u’.

      • Prequel Stuff Screen > Park Dates > Gymnatics (Gymnastics).

      • Thanks, I’m correcting them as I go. You might enjoy what I posted on Facebook:

        Due to the lack of major bugs found in SITA 1.0, I just did a stealth upload to correct some minor problems: 1. The line “The next moring” has been corrected to “The next morning”, 2. the line “the girls have stared the party without you” has been corrected to “the girls have started the party without you”, and 3. the line “Please excuse me” has been corrected to “Get out of my fuckin’ way you dumb fuck”. Since none of these changes affect game play, you do not need to download again.

        Oh and only the first two are real. I just wanted to see who would actually click “more..”

  • It looks like there’s something wrong with the Mac version. While the beta worked just fine, the new version is crashing immediately on launch.

    Exception Type: EXC_BREAKPOINT (SIGTRAP)
    Exception Codes: 0x0000000000000002, 0x0000000000000000
    Crashed Thread: 0

    Dyld Error Message:
    unknown required load command 0x80000022

    • I am on Mac and have had no issues. What version OsX are you running? And I agree, Felix – Lydia’s story is hot!

      • Leopard (10.5) I checked the Renpy website before posting this, thinking it might be due to the renpy version upgrade, but it still mentions Tiger (10.4) as minimum specs.

  • I finished three of the stories, but I didn’t get the fourth storyline.

    • It is possible to get through all 24 endings and still not unlock story 4. Clues 1, 4, 5, and 6 are guaranteed just by playing the game, but you need a fifth one to unlock story 4.

      Notice the names of the missing clues: “The failed prophecy” and “The successful prophecy”. Who in the game makes prophecies? Well the psychic bartender does, but is there anyone else that TELLS FORTUNES?

  • It’s been a long while since I played Date Ariane, or had much time to play the sequel. But after getting through the four stories to all the endings, I think it’s even more brilliant than Date Ariane.

    The only two bugs I found are down below(though they may not be high priority):

    -Not being able to put in a custom date code
    -Not being able to view all four other relationship endings besides the one chosen before being redirected back to the main menu

    • The custom date code works when you select it in options, then start a new game. If you select it in options then return to a game, or load in a saved game it will not work.

      The four other relationship endings show up if you go through the endings list again in the gallery. It will show you the ending you selected again, then allows you to choose to see another one, but only one. You can repeat the ending list over and over to see all 5.

      • Oh. I see now what you mean: I just thought I’d get a screen as soon as I selected it in options, like the prequel date menu does. But in hindsight, I think the Did It All option ended up being better off for me anyway. And yeah, what I thought was a bug with the relationship endings was more of an annoyance than a big complaint.

        In both cases, I just wanted to report possible bugs in case they were bugs(so that the game is that more likely to be computer bug free).

  • Just trying to finish the notebooks now, struggling to find where else to see Ariane and Rebecca out together, and two things about Ariane. Also working out what else I can find out about Rachel and Wendy

  • Awesome game! Finally finished and got the epilogues tonight.

    Also, another (fairly minor) bug report: When I get the “daddy” ending with Bonnie, it shows up in the player notes as “she may be obsessed with Dave,” which seems like it refers to a different ending.

    • Yep you are right the pregnant ending and the dave ending set each others completion flags. Play Bonnie one more time and you will get the dave ending.

      Four bugs so far. The two typos pointed out, this bug and a bug in the token game:

      In the token game, if you manage to get a red or blue token before going to either the hotel or lingerie store, and then go to the lingerie store first, you will also get credit for the hotel, and you will not be able to even enter the hotel until you have all 9 pieces (messing up the Paula dialogue in the process). An extremely rare bug, but I found it and squashed it.

      So far nothing major, but when the minor bugs start reaching the double digits, time for a version 1.1

  • Bug report:

    Got 23/25 endings with “did it all” setting, then used the 80 setting for the diner, finally used a “good date” prequel for the last 2 endings (makeup sex and fuckbuddies). After that, Rebecca’s name is gone from the player notes (all the other notes are still there).

    • Sounds possible, I know that some of the Rebecca entries depend on what your last date status with Ariane was. I’ll have to try and recreate it.

      • BTW, compliments for the tequila arc, one remark though: once being kicked out of the room a “peek through keyhole” option is sadly lacking 😉

    • Found the issue with Rebecca’s name. Two things will show Rebecca’s name in the notebook: 1. Having indicated in the prequel choice that you met Rebecca before. 2. Meeting Rebecca in the theater. The second one triggers only if the first is not true.

      So by playing “Done It All!” when meeting Rebecca in the theater, the “name” tag never triggered, then by changing the prequel setting to one where you never met Rebecca, suddenly you forgot her name.

      Fix for the future is for the “name” tag to always trigger in the theater whether you met Rebecca before or not.

  • The alternative to fighting the wraiths is an inventive one. 😀

    • I don’t really have much free time to play games, but Something in the Air is so good that I spended a little more time than planned since I downloaded it. I even woke up earlier this morning, but reading the blog is giving me some great info about the story. I worked as a comic book artist for many years, and the current Ariane art is getting better all the time. Probably you could work more on her feet, show them more on the pictures. I also had a crazy idea for a comic book project involving Ariane and the cast, within an idea that involves that holographic concept and a two-dimensional world at the edge of the Universe, I think that this could be great, it would take time, of course, but time is relative.

  • Having a problem downloading. Basic downloads break after 40% with a 400 error. FDM downloads 90% – does not get “menu” folder or anything in “game” folder from hpfront1.jpg to paulaforest2.jpg. 15 Sept 1300 EDT.

    • Just did a test download on the windows version and had no problems downloading. Might want to delete your last download and try again.

      I have done a couple of “stealth” upgrades to fix minor issues, the last was on Friday. That’s why I decided to do a test download and it worked fine.

      • Thank you for your reply. I finally got it to work by using IE. One of the few times I have found that browser useful! The changes seem interesting. Good luck on your new projects and thank you for this one.


      • thanks for the quick response, helped out alot. now I’m going to reload with the updates and see what I get.

  • been playing your games for years, love them all but this one is alittle hard,I have played twice now, the first time was stuck on ending 22, so I started over now I cann’t find the 25 ending, also never got to party with the singer Ariena declined. any hints.

  • Can’t quite figure out to get clue 3 successful prophecy. Anybody care to give a hint?
    I got the vast majority of the notes as well as all endings and other clues.

  • I was wondering I looked at all of the pictures and I noticed that all pf the pictures do not seem to show up in the game play particurly the paula ones is that correct or am I doing somethig wrong I tried all posible choices in the paula game

  • I did have a question about the new game. I noticed that there were a number of images in the game folder that depict what I assume are alternative endings and situations, for example Ariane snorkeling on vacation somewhere or the raiding party in the buff. I’m puzzled by these images, because I haven’t seen any storylines that might lead to them. Are they actually scenarios we could uncover? I’m not asking for spoilers, I just don’t want to waste time trying to find ways to get to them if there are not any such ways…
    As usual, and has been said, amazing work overall!

    • Once you get all 25 endings, go to the gallery and go through the ending list. It will ask you to “pick one” to pursue, You will see an epilogue ending for that girl. Going through the ending list will allow to view endings you did not choose.

    • Most of the “extra” pages are alternative endings achieved when you decide which woman you want to date. The additional burger restaurant scenes are the result of certain failed endings. The “nude raiders” scenes can be reached through regular game play, just try different approaches.
      Good luck.
      PS – many of the date endings were written with a delightfully twisted sense of humour and they all fit the personalities that each woman has revealed in the story.

  • I have the 25 endings, but I simply cannot figure out what choices the man about town should make to full fill the fortune teller’s prophecy to get the 3rd clue.
    Also what do the clues point to? I played the beta and got the 40 endings so I know the story but do the clues point to something more?

    • Getting at least 4 clues opens up story 4, which explains all 6 mysteries. The “Successful Prophecy” clue has to do with Bonnie’s prediction of disaster at the strip club. To unlock it, you have to go to the strip club with someone else.
      (the initial 1.0 release required 5, but since only 4 clues auto unlock by doing the first 24 endings, I lowered it to 4)

  • On the photoshoot with Rachel the choice “as artistic nudes go these are very good ” does not come up I even followed the walk through exactly and it still did not come up am I doing somthing wrong or did you remove it ?

  • A tip if you want to avoid large downloads when adding stuff. In the game-industry, there is something called DLC’s. It means Downloadable Content. Say you way to add a spicey thread, eg. a date with Wendy. The you create the necessary stuff for this ‘thread’, and add it in a separate download pack. This way people don’t need to download 192 MB’s if they just need to try the new thread. You could basically just make a bare-boned thread (call it the base game), and add DLC’s as needed. This would minimize downloading the full game numerous times, and decrease bandwidth usage.

  • Loved the game but only played for about 30 min any chance for ps3 or Android tablet download? -Ben

  • Hi there, you did a fantastic job… the game is great and all the ladies look amazing, also the humour that was in Date Ariane has been not just preserved but amplified!
    I’ve got all the 25 endings and the epilogues and the clues.
    But I am missing a couple of “clues” in the notebook:
    One of Ariane “Seen on a date with Rebecca, they went to dinner, to the concert and ___
    Another in Rachel, the one just below “Side hobby: photography…”
    and the last is Wendy’s, just below “She gave you a tough workout…” an “Gave her a ride…” (it’s probably something to do with her ex-bf, but it has never been triggered.
    Like I said, I also saw almost all the bad endings… but I’m obviously missing something! Where should I look?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Ok, got the Ariane one! Now for the Rachel and Wendy ones…

    • The Wendy one is triggered if you choose “negotiate down” all three times.
      On the Rachel one, at dinner talk about books magazines and mens magazines and ask her if she ever considered posing nude. Then after dinner do what it takes to get her to pose for a photoshoot. Say “Those are very artistic poses”, and let the photoshoot continue.

  • Thanks a lot for your quick reply!!!

  • Well,I just met Ariane a few days ago,I really do not enjoy playing video or web games …at least did not,until I found about this one through a blog. I”Dating Ariane” is really interesting. And “Something in the Air” is really great . Started and evolved with some very happy events so I had to make a donation…:)
    Great job !

  • Hmm, I changed the prequel to one of the numbers I got, and, we turned into “sex buddies”. I have not any problems about casual sex, I had many relationships through the years, but the term “sex buddies” did not pleased the girls I dated. We have other terms, like “colored friendship” or ” colorful relationship”… the fact is that I knew some “Arianes” in my life, and I remember them with love and have many great memories, we are still friends ( well, some of them not ) . I hope that they also remember the great moments we spent together, I know that some of them still see me as a good boyfriend. If Ariane was real, I would not think of her as a ” fuck buddy”, but as a real Muse. A girlfriend forever. Someone unexplainable. And , well, II am still having that idea about a graphic novel with Ariane. She would be better than any of those Zenescope characters. How about parallel worlds, each one with a different Ariane doing different things?

  • I have a problem downloading this on my laptop. It says it’s a malicious file. Need help. ;;

  • Hay do you what to be having fast sex with me

  • Did you ever do the “Women of SITA” calendar like you mentioned? That would be cool.

  • Hi there, I finished the game, but I have a little problem with my last Rachel’s missing line in her notebook… I took a screen :

    Please, help me to find it… Thank you in advance !

  • I’m having a few problems with SITA:
    I CAN NOT achieve the “getting drunk at Ariane’s place” ending, no matter what i try. I’ve got 24 endings so far, but i can’t get the 25th, which is “getting drunk….”

    I’m still missing one entry in Ariane’s notes:
    They went to dinner, to the concert and ___________

    and the last two lines in Heidi’s notes.

    Any idea what’s wrong ?

    • On “getting drunk” that is one where you need a prequel in which you did NOT sleep with Ariane. see

      … “and then dancing” is the one you are missing in the notes. You can get it by doing “Larping with Rachel” and telling Arch Angel that Mr Torch is at the night club before she puts you in the shower. Rachel will drag you to the club and you will see Ariane and Rebecca dancing in the background.
      The last two Heidi items are unlocked at Heidis salon. After you meet Suki, ask her, “Why do you have to stay?” and then follow her out when she takes a cigarette break.

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