• It’s coming. I got it mapped out in my mind what I want to do for a trailer, even have the music ready, just need to assemble it, then figure out how to make it into a video I can post on You Tube. Right now I am going through my “to do” list trying to finish the game.

  • There are something about translate the game to another languages?. I offer for help you to translate it to Spanish (Spain), if you need some help.

    best regards.

    • That might be doable in the future. I might be able to release the 12 files containing all the text in the game for purposes of translation, but I want the game to be out for a while before I do it.

      The latest version of Renpy can display Japanese characters.

  • Hi Ariane

    Will this be an actual game with choices and consequences (game logic) or a click-through visual novel?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Choices and consequences for sure, though there is a lot of clicking through to the next choice, however there is an option to auto advance, and even skip through stuff you have seen before. There are 40 endings, which is actually quite high for a visual novel.

      Date Ariane is technically a visual novel too, but its circular nature and short dialogue might have been fun and different, but limited what could be done. More dialogue and less circular story telling makes for a more interesting plot.

  • How does it feel to actually see the end in sight? Exhausted relief? Anxiety? Or are you already thinking about your next project? I can’t wait to see it, especially having been looking over your shoulder all this time as it were.

    • Exhausted relief? yes.

      Anxiety? yes. Visual novels in 3D are rare. Visual novels set in America are rare. Visual novels with a meta plot that spans multiple story lines are rare. Romance oriented visual novels that suddenly jump genres in the final act are rare. There will be those that love it, those that hate it, and those that don’t understand it. A visual novelist is not supposed to completely break the rules of the genre their first time out.

      I’ve come to the conclusion that irregardless of what people think, I had a hell of a lot of fun making it. Thinking about the next project? yes.

  • NightmareInLove

    Is it going to be available for free like the last game or are you charging for it this time?

    • I am asking for a $5 donation, and it’s true “donationware” — you are under no obligation to donate, which means I am under no obligation to offer refunds. The game will work the same whether you donate or not. I figure it is the most hassle free method of getting paid, even if it means only 1 in 20 actually donates.

      • NightmareInLove

        Good stuff, I will happily send off the $5 when the time comes.

      • Having played your previous game myself and enjoyed it tremendously, you’ve more than earned the benefit of the doubt.

        Count me in as another donor. In fact, donationware encourages me to pay. I wouldn’t mind paying more than $5 either, so you should probably leave the amount open for the donor to decide, with a minimum of $5.

        I just hope there’s an emphasis on the story telling, coupled with appropriate sex/love scenes and I’ll be a happy camper.


  • It’s interesting to see how much better the graphics in this novel is compared to the first version you launched.

  • What is Something’s in the air? Is it a sequel to Date Ariane? That’s what I have been assuming? If so then what will it be about? It sounds like it’s going to be much different then a simple “date game”.

    • It is a sequel set a little over a week after the “Date Ariane” date took place. While the free form structure of Date Ariane led to thousands of possible dates, it fails when it comes to basic story telling.

      So “Something’s In The Air” takes a visual novel approach opening story telling opportunities. Besides Ariane, there are 5 other women you can date. Like Date Ariane, there are a lot of hidden paths to discover, with 40 different endings. Unlike Date Ariane, there is also a meta story, clues of which are woven into the various different storylines.

      Click here to see all my posts on the project: https://arianeb.wordpress.com/tag/datesim2/

  • NightmareInLove :
    Good stuff, I will happily send off the $5 when the time comes.

    Me too. I really like the well thought-out plot-lines, how your choices matter, and the different outcomes. Those are the missing pieces in most games nowadays (linear games like Call of Duty etc.), and so they become boring. Thus enters Ariane with [b]content[/b] in the games, and they become interesting and fun to play! Good choice on using Ren’Py, it’s for Win, MAc, Linux and Android – you could play the games on your Tab and phone!! Visual storytelling games should be a big hit on the various pad’s.

  • Filthy Mc Nasty

    hi i can help you out gratis if you wish, with some design work.

  • Hey Ariane! I’ll happily donate couple of bucks to you. Keep up the great works.
    *gotta love your blog posts!

  • Ariane, if I may ask a personal question; why are you expecting to gain out of doing all this? You’re doing it for free, with optional donations, but free nonetheless.

    This seems like something you’ve put a lot of heart and effort into. But, why? I understand you’re a visual novelist, but I still wish to understand why you’re doing so much work to give it out for free? Most novelists also need to put food on the table, which means writing to sell to eat.

    I’m just curious about the real Ariane. Thank you for the time. I’m really looking forward for the final thing.

    • About the money issue: I have a job. If I didn’t this project would have been completed 18 months ago. I’d love to do it full time, and maybe someone will see my work and hire me, but I’m not holding my breath.

      As for the rest:
      I am having fun making the game. I am making the game for me, for my enjoyment, because I like these kinds of games and there are not enough of them, and I think I can do better.

      If other people like them too, that’s just icing. So my giving away this stuff may sound generous, but it is mostly for selfish reasons.

  • Your first date simulator is the best of its kind. I can’t wait to see more of your creations.

  • Hi Ariane !

    Do you think the game will be harder than VirtualDateAriane or easier ?
    I mean to reach the final goal.

    Because I think it’s a good point for a game that is quite difficult, it brings more challenge.
    And obviously we are happier when we reach the goal.

    I love your game(s) !

    • I had a couple of play testers try it out. Part 1 (Ariane) is a fairly easy “Visual Novel” (choose a path see an ending). Part 2 (Rachel) is too hard “Dating Sim” (choices and consequences don’t obviously follow), I have since toned it down, making some desirable outcomes easier to reach. Part 3 (Bonnie/Veronica) is as easy as a “Comic Book”, just turn the page and watch the adventure play out. Part 4 (Paula) is a classic “Adventure” with a series of puzzles to solve. Hope people find it fun.

  • Eagerly waiting for it!!!

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