Dating Sim Game 6.4 now out

Yeah I know, I keep coming back to this game. I need to stop.  I have an idea for a new scenario that can only be done online, so I need to stop releasing new downloadable versions.  Plus I have other projects I want to start.  I keep telling myself this, and yet I keep falling back into tweaking my old project.

So a couple of months ago, I found yet more bugs to fix.  While fixing bugs, I thought about a possible rule change involving magically appearing towels (mentioned in the comments).  So I created a new simple rule that if you go in the backyard without a towel or a swimsuit (which implies a towel is present) that no towel will appear until you return to the bathroom. This required two new pictures and some new code. Simple!

But, then I thought of a couple more rules to changes that were more complex. SPOILER! One idea I had is that the recently added Rebecca sleepover scenario has an abrupt ending if you wait in the hall instead of following either of them.  I decided to make it possible, under certain circumstances, to continue the date with Ariane, with Rebecca sleeping in the bedroom. Of course you can’t go anywhere and leave Rebecca alone, nor can you enter the bedroom since Rebecca is there, nor can you do anything noisy like shower or dance.  This means that I had to make some changes to all the allowed activities when Rebecca is sleeping in the bedroom. Another rule change was a cosmetic change that anytime there is removal of clothing (unless hidden behind a door), show the removal of clothing. The only place this rule is violated is in the photo shoot scene, so I ended up rewriting that scene yet again.

I have thoroughly tested all the new stuff, and (hopefully) written it in a way that it wont create more new bugs in the old stuff.  Feel free to post new bugs in the comments.



  • And thanks once again for your efforts to entertain your millions of adoring fans.

  • This Rebecca really is a big pain in the ar$e, isn’t she? It’s a pity that the games ends when things start to become interesting (I would like to see that kiss and make up scenario or the giant cake fight between Reb and Aria). Congratulations on version 6.4!

  • Bug report (Ariane stuck in a topless loop)

    Bikini dinner (3 drinks)
    modeling pose.
    sexier pose.
    Action shot-jump in the air.
    Pull shirt down over panties.
    Ask her to lift her shirt up.
    Go topless.
    Face the camera and slowly lower your panties.
    ‘I’ll let you decide. You can quit anytime.’
    OK, I`ll flash my nipples.

    Stuck in a loop.

    • Dang!

      Two if statements are triggering at the same time in the “undress” function of text71.htm. Going to have to add code so it will not happen again.

      OK patch time. Download this patch and dump the contents of the “update” folder into the “datingsimulator” folder. I’ll update the download to include these changes soon.

  • unable to find 6.4 on the web where do i find the game? Love your work have played the other versions many times

  • rebbedend1a.jpg should be renamed rebbedend8.jpg

  • is on line version 6.4 as well when i try to download my computer stats flashing when i try to open zipped file

  • Another bug, if you go to the strip club with Rebecca then have sex with Ariane in the hot tub you can’t stay the night because Rebecca is in the bedroom. I had always felt bad about ditching her at the strip club anyway, but I think I would have noticed if we had brought her home with us. 🙂

    • Oh great, that bug is the result of using the same global variable twice to mean two different things.

      Adding “parent.rebec = 0;” to line 154 of text82.htm, or line 188 of text12.htm would fix it, but now you got me thinking about a possible more elaborate fix giving the option to invite Rebecca home after the strip club victory. Hmmm…

      • I haven’t posted a proper fix for this bug yet, because I came up with a fantastic elaborate fix that involves high level trigonometry.

        Yes I am serious. I hope to finish this weekend.

  • does bringing rebecca home always end in a dead end……eat the cake date over arianne undressed rebecca shows up at crucial over????

    • Well every scenario has an ending eventually. Its a judgement call over which are good endings and which are bad. The most entertaining post Rebecca endings though probably involve the hot tub.

  • I always enjoy the little fixes you add that turn into new scenarios- though I’m also looking forward to a new project along these lines. Great work, as always, on this update.

  • how come your hair is so beautiful on your dating simulator and so ugly on your page?! and why do yuo have different furniture and scenarios in both web addresses?! yuo also should update your modeling portfolio more often. hope you don’t delete this one —

  • It’s some time now that I think a sequel would give you much more freedom to explore and develop new scenarios instead of repeatedly tweaking the existing ones.
    I’ve always envisioned the sequel starting with a two couples’ date with Ariane, Rebecca and maybe the bearded guy from the strip club…

  • I think it’s kinda fun to keep the bugs around.

  • Why did the ‘blowjob’ scene out of town get removed? I like some of the new stuff, but please leave some of the good older stuff in.

    • Its still there just a little trickier to get to. Maybe a little necking before the road trip starts will make her more amenable to such things.

  • What about starting a scene with Araine and Jessie from the store doing something together? It would be nice to see her undressed. How about starting a game of Twister?.

  • I don’t know if this a bug, it was just unexpected. I was experimenting with different scenarios trying to see if I could trigger the hot tub orgasm – hand job sequence. We do some star gazing, eay steak dinner, do some dancing and making out, go out on the patio, I suggest swimming, she jumps in with clothes on, she gets undressed, we get in hot tub play truth or dare, make love, take shower, she brushes her hair, then the surprise, instead of ending up in the bedroom we are in the living room. We can sit on the couch and make love again. Like I said, I don’t know if this a bug or a feature and don’t think it needs fixing but it was a surprise.

    • One recently changed scenario in 6.4 is that if she is outside naked without a towel, then gets wet (swim or hottub) then going back inside triggers a shower, and then after the shower (while you take your shower) she redoes her hair so she stands in the living room with nice hair instead of ponytail hair. I did not consider the situation after hot tub sex, but it sound OK the way it is.

  • Great, little changes like that give me hours of fun trying out all the new ramifications. I completely missunderstood what was causing it. I’m going to pay more attention to the towel from now on. Thanks

  • are all images listed in download used..i.e. how do you trigger rebecca stripping in street clothes..the famous black skirt!

  • Sam,
    Try eating dinner on the patio.

  • david..i know about patio..rebecca..but it gets veronica the tennis instructor..look at download images under rebecca strip-1 she strips using her street clothes this in the new games images are still there

  • Sam,
    Oh, I thought you were talking about Rebecca undressing at the club.

  • Sam. If I understand you well you want to see Ariane and Rebecca go to the strip club, but with Ariane in her street clothes, right?

    Happens that I have a walkthrough for that, just look for the following blog entry:
    The ArianeB 6.45 walkthroughs: How to go to the strip club with Rebecca? on my website.

  • Sam has found a picture of Rebecca on stage at the strip club wearing her street clothes: rebstrip1.jpg. I have never seen it in game.

  • felix.. in the image section of the downloaded games there area series of rebecca stripping in the same clothes shes wears while working at shop..never seen this in game?

  • Sorry, I completely misunderstood.
    Reb strips in street clothes in version 4.8, so this must be a leftover.

  • downloaded 4.8 ..found it.thanks

  • Sam,
    Where did you find older copies of Arianeb?

  • Hey there’s some images that i can’t seem to get in game it’s where Ariane and Rebecca are sitting on the couch together is there a way to get that scenario or are they left overs?

  • adam they are on the couch togetherafter the strip show, come home together and watch arianes date strip

  • how would i contact felix about a private matter involving unauthorized use of my computer?

  • I need help..someone used my name!

  • i like to dip on a hot tub every morning and before going to sleep, it is really nice”~:

  • how to get to the dining table feel and undress scenarios.

  • You’ll find more than you’ll ever need here…
    40 walkthroughs for ArianeB
    and the one I think you are asking for
    (although there are plenty of ways to get there I think)

  • i think that when you make a newer one that you try and put role play type things in and more then just one date like its there second date so you can do more so yer like police women and stuff like isnt role play good for this game

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