Dating Sim 6.3: Nothing But Fixes

I uploaded a new dating sim download.  You can get it here.  It fixes the bugs pointed out in the 6.2 post back in January. The hardest to fix was a bug involving dance / make out interaction.  New to 6.2, I added a small feature that would occasionally cause Ariane to remove an item of clothing while dancing.  If you were making out on the couch, then danced and she removed some clothes, then went back to the couch, it would crash.  Fixing it required some new code on several pages, which I have tested with no issues.  Another bug involving the convenience store changes has also been fixed.

If you find any new issues, or know of any old unfixed issues, put them in the comments.  I’m looking to finally wrap this project up and start on something new. 🙂


  • I’m really looking forward to your next project. Thanks for making such a great game!

  • Dear Ariane, it would be great to see your new project!

  • I saw that there was an update right away (since I’m an ardent reader of your blog) and downloaded 6.3. I thought to myself that since it was released on the April first (April Fool’s Day for those who don’t understand the significance) it *must* have some little joke or twist to it. But alas, none could be found.

    I still had fun, though.

  • (small) image bug that has been in the game for a while:

    Introduction. Steak dinner.
    Go swimming. Ariane jumps in the pool with her clothes on. Puts on towel.
    Dance In the Living Room (twice, second time Ariane loses the towel).
    Go skinny dipping. Romantic booby touch.
    Go inside and take a shower.

    Before entering the bathroom Ariane is suddenly wearing the towel again (of course she could have taken it on the way from the pool to the bathroom)…

  • Once again thanking you for your work on this, and looking forward to your next project.

  • I’m not sure how much praise one man can stand; but let me raise my voice among the earthshaking choir that sings hallelujah to your work. Dating Ariane was one of the most addictive guilty pleasures I’ve ever encountered.

    So, I am grieved to hear my favorite “first date” will offer me no new challenges. Of course, I know that this “non-commercial” enterprise has to be burdensome. And, as I am a novelist, I understand that an artist can become bored with even the most entertaining character. And, though there is much to be said for penning a “sequel,” it is, actually, very rare.

    But knowing all of this in no way diminishes my sense of loss. Ariane is beautiful, charming, intelligent, and demanding. One false move and she will punish you; but, play your cards right, and you are rewarded with virtual bliss.

    One thing I most appreciated was your decision (I read it somewhere) to limit the “wrong” moves that would end the scenario; instead using a system that builds upon “positives.” Obviously there had to be behavior, including boorishness, procrastination, gluttony and overindulgence which would offend our dear girl. But to lock up the possibility of a successful outcome because of one minor mistake seems extreme. Happily, you built scenarios with that in mind.

    That made the game so much more than a simple maze tree. Other “dating” scenarios require that you take exactly the right steps in exactly the right sequence and, because of that, are little more than exercises in repetition rather than in reasoning. Your game was so much more than that.

    Thank you for this diversion sir. Thank you.

    I sought in vain for other forms of Ariane on the net. Sadly, violence seems a much more common choice for creative wizards than love and passion.

    Ah me. I believe, after many CONTINUOUS hours of play, I have exhausted my conjugal possibilities with the beautiful Ariane.

    More’s the pity.

  • I look forward to your next project.

  • I swear, a quick glimpse at some of these comments, you would think they were spam or self-made by the author.

  • This has probably been covered a hundred times but when you download the new version how on earth do you get it to open? I clicked on default and default two and both are blank pages. Start takes me no where and neither does index. Help?

  • I love your Ariane game, and I just downloaded the latest version, but I don’t know how to get it to work. Is there an “exe” file I need to click on? Is there a different file I should click? When click the “index.htm” file, I just get the first image, but can’t proceed to other images. Can someone help me with this?

    • when you unzip it, the root folder contains index, readme, and the dateariane folder. Clicking on the root folder index should launch the game.

  • I love this game. This is one of best dating games I’ve seen. Better than a lot of commercial games. Would love to see more…

  • Great game. It definitely has nothing to be jealous of from other commercial releases.

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