Date Simulator 6.2 replaces the buggy 6.1

6.1 had some major bugs, and as a result there is now a 6.2, but that is not all.

For the first time in a long time, I dropped something.  Specifically the parking lot sex scene. I’ve been meaning to drop it for a while, but kept it around until I could add something else as a replacement, which I also did.  No spoilers here, you will have to find them yourself.

I have a list of about 8 scenarios I have considered adding. I haven’t added them due to one or more plot reasons: 1) there is no good point in the current game to branch off to them, 2) even if I have a good branch point I have no smooth way to bring the post-scenario plot back, 3) the scenario does not fit the first date/first person theme of the game, or 4) the scenario is too similar to something already in the game.

There are scenarios already in the game that violate some of these rules, but the parking lot scene violated 3 of them, was a rare minor scenario, and had one of the largest files (a 1MB gif animation) in the game, thus it needed to go.  It was replaced by a new plot twist that used to end abruptly, but now has an entertaining loop. I also fixed two more major bugs not covered in the 6.11 patch.

I’m pretty close to saying, “I’m done, no more tinkering.”  There are some pictures I’d like to redo, maybe some text to change, but otherwise it is fine.  Every time I tinker I seem to create new bugs anyways.

Maybe it is time to take  all these unusable scenario ideas and create a second game.

If you find any more bugs, feel free to post them in the comments.


  • “the scenario does not fit the first date”
    maybe you should move on to a new “ariane” game. you could even call it Ariane: The second date! (lol)

    I love your work, it’s brilliant!

  • I’ve always enjoyed new updates to your game (which is why I still check your site for them every few days, though they don’t come often these days), and I’d personally love a second game from you. I’ve seen several immitations of your game, but none of them have duplicated the feel of yours- they all tend to be very linear, locking you into a particular path to an ending, whereas yours feels much more open ended. Thanks for the great game, and I do hope you decide to create a new one if you stop updating this one.

  • I think you should finally repair scenario with Rebecca. Threesome or lesbian ending would be great. Some activities with her like eating in the restaurant, going to the outskirts of town would be also nice.

  • Excellent game, and very challenge! Love Ariane 🙂 and hope to see more additions or a new scenario.
    Congratulations for your nice work,

  • Never had a chance to say Thanks for the game…(never thought to post a comment here)..I did hang around your store a bit in SL hoping you would show up (is that stalking?) 🙂

  • So, so, so, so good. Keep up the excellent work!

  • Thanks for keeping the game fresh!

  • As a player, it’s going to be hard to let this particular bit of brilliance go. You have set a standard for this genre that hasn’t been achieved elsewhere.

  • A second installment would be great! You know by now how to avoid the pitfalls and bugs. And make sure that bodyparts in the shadow stays in the shadow (look at the picture; the navel, left side of cheek, cowboy hat, they all are lit up from where?). Good lighting is what makes or breaks a game. And pokethrough will destroy the illusion as well (cowboy hat).

  • Thanks again for sharing the game with us.

  • I must say I’m a little sad to see the parking lot sex scene gone, I really liked it. And regarding point 3) ‘doesn’t fit the first date scenario’, I’d say taking part in amateur night at the strip club is so not what happens at first dates either – at least not on mine. But still, it’s a great game that I like to play time and again, so if you actually made a second one, that’d be great!

    • Adding the parking lot scene back is easy enough, the files needed are in the 6.1 download. Just revert to the old text79.htm and any pic79 and resp79 files, as well as the 3 or 4 pictures that I deleted.

      As for other scenes not fitting the first date scenario, I agree, but the strip club, and nude photo shoots are too popular, and too much fun to be removed.

  • I was plinking in an older downloaded version today and decided to look in on the blog. I was very pleased to find the newly scrubbed version now available.

  • I’ve been playing the 6.2 game for several days now and find it as intriguing as the earlier versions. Bit by bit I’ve worked through some of the challenges in the lingerie shop and strip club disrobing sequence. Unravelng some of the story boards is what set this game apart from the much more common virtual sex sites.

    Leaving the photo shoot and strip club scenes in is the right thing to do.

  • Fun game. Still exploring to determine what has been deleted.

    If ArianeB has eight additional threads in stages of development I’d be happy if they were added even if they might not fit the first date criteria. The theme could be expanded to being a first date between long-term friends that finally decided to have a date. The scenarion could be slanted that they had had a long term “strong feeling of affection” but had been diverted by other interests.

    Just a suggestion, and it might not be a good one, is to provide somewhere in the download a listing of possible threads.

  • Once again you have outdone yourself 6.2 is just as intriguing as all the others. As far as my opinion on the way the game is laid out. I think that the entire premise of a standard first date scenario is violated by the game it’s self. As far as I know except for the extreme outside circumstances there is a next to zero possibility of getting a girl into bed on a blind first date. But that is what makes this game so much fun to play. We get to entertain our fantasies about having sex on a first date. If everybody that played this game really wanted a true to life first date scenario your game wouldn’t be nearly as popular. So I say go for the gusto and put in anything you like any way you like, you’ve done great so far so I know you will continue to do so. I will continue to download each and every version and know I will like every one. And if you should feel so compelled to create a second version I know that will be great as well. Thank you for putting this out for all to play especially those of us who just don’t have the money to signup for any of those pay to play type games.

  • Thanks very much for the game, it’s superb and I’ve really enjoyed played it.

  • Hello =)
    i LOVE the game and i do think its amazing… and very fun.
    Any plans for a second date or rather a whole different game with maybe a redhead or a blonde? could be cool… maybe even a nerdy girl… or a party house, or Twister game.. lol, is there a suggestion box for you anywhere?

    also – Why don’t u make older versions aviable for download?

    i don’t seem to even be able to manage to get her to strip all the way and touch herself in the striptease contest to the live sex at point, she always stops at thong… anyone care to help? ty =)

    • Why don’t u make older versions available for download?

      They are, but not here. Check the FAQ at the Shark’s Lagoon Forum for more info or browse through the (very very very long) ArianeB thread.

  • Thank you very much for your interesting game.

    I want inform you about two small bugs noted by me at download version. I hope my report will be useful for you.

    1. File pic79c.htm: item “Buy liquor” is connected to choice2() function. However the choice2() function is not implemented at text79.htm.

    2. You add feature to change clothes during dancing (strip dancing). There is at least one page where such changing may occur collision (page 42). It is possible to call dancing by “Dance to the music” from the page 42. During strip dancing variable “dress” can be changed (see text38.htm, undressrock() or undresscountry()). However script of pic42a.htm supports correct value for “image” if “parent.dress” is equal to 1 or 8. “image” will be empty if “parent.dress” is not equal 1 nor 8. As result no any picture will be displayed when user returns to page 42 after strip dancing.

  • i goto website to play the game and i cant get the book to continue the game

  • Qayin, the striptease that ends with Ariane touching herself is quite long and complicated but doable. Keep at it.

  • I know this is a shameless plug, but the walkthroughs (about 40!) for version 6.21 have now been published on my Unfinished Projects blog.

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