The Facts Are These…


I apologize in advance if some of these links are behind a paywall. I have a subscription to the Washington Post, so that is where the majority of this info comes from.

– Trump had 70 days of warning that this disaster was coming and did nothing until he absolutely had to. Story

– Because of his delayed reaction, the US now leads the world in both cases and deaths. Almost one out of every 4 deaths from Covid-19 is an American death. Chart

– Not only did Trump not do anything to prepare in February, he approved the sale of supplies to China that led to shortages here in America in March that are still affecting us. Story

– Trump has largely ignored cries from governors for federal aid in the worst stricken states, leaving it in the hands of the Governors to do his job. Story and Video More Recent Story Even more recent story

– Trump knows his Presidency hinges on the Coronavirus response, and he has no clue what to do, often grasping at straws for solutions that are not real solutions. Story

– No one knows where the “100,000 to 250,000 deaths by August” figure originally came from, and seems to be a ploy to make Trump look good when it doesn’t reach that high. Story

– It could still reach that high if there is a second surge resulting from reopening the economy too early.

– There is no way to know when it is time to reopen the economy without massive amounts of testing, and Trump seems to be clueless to this fact. He would rather take a guess, and since he wants to open ASAP, it will be too soon for sure, and there will be more deaths again. Story Video

– Trump pretty much wasted the entire month of April doing as little as possible waiting for the day the economy can open up so he can declare “victory”.  He is trying to shift all the blame to China, despite having the highest case count and death count in the world, which is entirely on him.  Despite closing the country down in April, he did the bare minimum to prepare for a reopening and experts agree we are not ready. Story

Bottom line: Trump should not get any credit at all for “helping” America through this crisis. He didn’t bring the virus here, but he has done very little to make things better, and has consistently made it worse. Story

but, but, but… we are over reacting, this is just as bad as a flu, the Democrats opposed the China travel ban! This is way worse than the seasonal flu, quarantine and social distancing is working which is why the numbers are going down, and Democrats thought the ban on travel to China was a good idea. Story

Ariane in Paradise now in Spanish


I wasn’t planning on making any foreign language versions of Ariane in Paradise, but Moskys contacted me in Discord and said he finished a Spanish translation.  If you are a Spanish speaker, a new version of the game has been made called Ariane En El Paraíso.

There is a Spanish language download page here, and if you are a new player it will default to Spanish when you first open the game.  If it opens in English, go to settings and you can change it there.  Just for the fun of it, the default player names are “Juan” and “Juanita”, but you can play any name you want.

The English language game is now version 1.05, and except for a new option to enable Español in settings, there are no changes to the game.  There is a small 8mb 1.05 patch that adds Spanish available for download here.

Any interest in other languages?

One of the things Moskys did in creating the translation is added code to make the game easier to translate into other languages, so if you are interested in doing a translation project in another language, make sure you have the 1.05 version as a starting point.

I know there are a lot of requests for Portuguese, Animadoria over at the Date Ariane Discord wants to organize just such a project.