Things You Should NOT Do In A Dress

laketrip19There are two ways to get Ariane in a dress, one is go to the downtown restaurant, the other is to have her put on a dress after swimming. We did the former in walk #4 and #10, now we are going to do the latter by starting with Backyard Picnic:

Go inside
Dance in the living room
Pick a Rock Playlist
Keep on Rocking
Go somewhere else
Get dressed and go for a drive
Wait in the hallway
Get in the passengers seat
Walk on the beach

Note: this walk is a bit different from the one in walk #10

Pick flat rock
Throw a sidearm curveball

There are two different “Put head here” choices. The correct answer is the top one as that forms a tripod between your head and two hands making upside down balancing much easier, but we are going to try the bottom one first.

Put head here (bottom)
Suggest taking it off

Lets back up to the head stand scene again and this time pick the correct one:

Put Head Here (top)
OK. Its your turn now. (Watch her do a head stand)
Go to the kitchen
Accept the suggestion (walk to the park)
Take the other swing
Climb on top and hang upside down 

Ariane then will decide to do a gymnastics routine, but this time naked.

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