Ariane in Paradise #5: Afternoon on Day 2


This walkthrough finishes out Day 2 with 4 locations and 3 adventures.  This is what happens after the beach or coral reef adventures.

Fish Tacos For Lunch

Both of the morning trips end at a local restaurant that serves fish tacos from locally caught fish.  Depending on what you did previously there are choices to make. 

If you went to the coral reef:

How often do you go water skiing? or I prefer snow skiing, ever do that?

If you went to the beach ask:

How often do you go water skiing? or What about scuba diving?

If you try to make plans for the summer, she will turn you down, and run the risk of not getting to day 3.

Next step involves deciding what to do after lunch.  If you are rich or on business, you go on a sailboat ride. If you are middle class and a science geek, you can choose to go to a casino, or a bird sanctuary.  If you are middle class and an outdoors enthusiast, your only choice is the casino.


Going to the Casino

That sounds fun, and maybe we can win a few bucks. (+5 sexy)

The casino simulates a real game of French rules Roulette, and the results are based entirely on luck.  For the most part, charm and sexy rewards are not the result of chance, so when there are choices available that are not based on chance, you can score points.

Ariane’s “lucky shirt” should look familiar to fans of Date Ariane.

OK, let’s try playing roulette. (+5 charm)

You can pick any type of wager, and any side, Ariane will always bet against you.

That’s a bit of odd logic, but OK. (+10 charm)

Except when the house wins with a spin of 0 (1 in 37 chance), either you or Ariane will win the spin. When one is down, the other is up, so you can make loans to each other. If Ariane loses, she will unbutton her top for chips, if you lose, Ariane will loan you chips for kisses.  This goes on for five rounds.  Then on the sixth and final spin Ariane will bet 10€ on the lower dozen.

Put your bet on the lower dozen, too (+10 charm) or Root for Ariane to win (+10 charm)

If you have more than one chip left, you can:

Wager 20€ or Wager 30€ or Wager 40€ (+5 sexy)

There is an achievement available at the Casino called “Win Big or Go Home”.  To get it you either need to win at least 40€ over the 20€ you started with, or end up losing the original 20€.  Making a big wager at the end will usually do it.

The next scene goes back to the hotel.


Going to the bird sanctuary

This is the equivalent of the “Art Museum” from Date Ariane.  Mildly educational and the source of a lot of points and achievements, even if it is something you are not likely to do very often.  It is probably the least sexy path, but it serves to “world build” the game and add a little depth.

From the looks of your jeep logo, this looks like Jurassic Park.

For the “Driving FAQ” achievement, ask every question you can in the car. If you already have it ask:

I have no more questions

Once the lecture starts:

1910’s (+5 charm)

North America (+5 charm)

Mauritius (+5 charm)

Alice in Wonderland (+5 charm)

The story moves outside to the Aviary itself.  If you did the lake hike on Day 1 and took a picture of the Macaw, ask:

That’s a Cuban Macaw isn’t it? (unlocks the “Dead Parrot” achievement)

For the “Aviary FAQ” achievement, ask every question you can, you might want to start at the top and work down as some questions will not be available if you do it out of order.  Especially find the following questions:

Any plans to move the dodos off the island? Take them back to Mauritius? (+5 charm)

Passenger Pigeons are not jungle birds, how are they handling the island? (+5 charm)

What about those baby green macaws? (+5 sexy)

What about the pretty blue macaw? (+5 charm)

Why is the half life of DNA important? (+5 charm)

Nice greenhouse you have here. (+5 charm)

Android note: Android version has a slightly different format for this portion of the game. To avoid long questions overflowing the screen, I broke the questions into categories.

The next scene goes back to the hotel.


Sailboat Ride

This adventure is the result of your character being rich or on a business trip.  There are differences in the adventure depending on which. If you are there on business, then the majority of the discussion with Captain Jack is in regards to the charter service and your company.  If you are rich, then the discussions lean towards sailing as a hobby and how to sail.

In researching this section before writing it, I watched a lot of sailing videos on You Tube. They are surprisingly entertaining. There is little to no privacy on a sailboat, and casual nudity is pretty common, especially in hot humid tropical weather, so I had to incorporate that in the story. Of course a proper business person would not engage in such shenanigans, but a rich person who is paying for it might.

The male player character has a special sailing outfit, while the female wears the hiking clothes had you picked that path. Still the female player has 8 different tops, while the male only has 6, because male equivalent of bra and bikini is shirtless.

The first interaction in this path is where you ask Captain Jack some questions. This is part of the “Sailing FAQ” achievement which is split in two parts, the second part is after the storm.

If  you need the achievement, ask everything you can, if you don’t you can click:

That’s all the questions I have

I know we are paying customers… (+5 charm) or As far as I’m concerned… (+5 charm) or If you prefer to wear less clothing… (+5 sexy)

The next interaction does not start until after the storm does, and it is the part where you can earn the “Cabin FAQ” by asking Lin every question you can, but once you have it you only need:

Is Jack safe out on the deck?

I have no more questions.

Then Ariane says she is starting to feel sea sick, and wants to go out in the rain and watch the horizon to help quell it. Your choice:

Maybe you can borrow a raincoat? (+5 charm) or If you’re worried about your clothes getting wet, you could go up naked (+5 sexy)

If you suggest the second and you have at least 120% (60) sexiness, she will actually do it.  Otherwise she will politely decline.  Either way, Ariane will get a chance to drive for a little bit, and then you get the second half of the “Sailing FAQ” dialogue.  Only questions directed to Jack count toward the achievement.  If Ariane is naked at this point, and you are rich, and previously indicated you are OK with public nudity, do the following:

Ask Ariane why she didn’t get dressed.

Take off your clothes. (+5 sexy)

Business people can’t get naked while on the job, and you need to be naked to get the “Swimming With Dolphins” achievement.

We’re in no rush, let’s stay with the sails. (+10 charm)

If you don’t need the charm points, you can shorten the sailboat path with the last choice.  This will not block the “Swimming With Dolphins” achievement, but it will block the “Sailing FAQ” achievement.

After they turn the boat, you will get to talk about your business, or ask a question about sailing if you are rich. That will unlock the “Sailing FAQ” achievement.

After the second tack turn Lin will ask riddles.  There are 5 possible riddles and she will ask two of them.  For correct answer:

A fish hook? or ENT? or A Towel? or Are they all married? or A candle? (+5 charm)

However, there is another achievement called “Dirty Jokes” can be achieved by picking sexy wrong choices, which leads to a whole series of sexy riddles. ending in an achievement.

After the third turn, Jack will give a riddle, that changes the subject to pirate jokes.  Jack will ask 3 pirate jokes out of 6 that could appear.  You don’t get a chance to answer.

After you return to the anchorage, if Ariane is naked she will skinny dip.  If you are too, you can join her for the “Swimming with Dolphins” achievement.

The next scene goes back to the hotel.


Back at the hotel

All the events end at the hotel.  Ariane will give you a kiss, then mentions Rachel, and the questions you can ask vary depending if you met Rachel.  The best choice is:

Of course, friends come first…

If you don’t have the required charm or sexy score, or you asked too many personal questions, the game ends.  If you do the next scene is you getting out of the shower, and you get the “Sex with Ariane” achievement. The best final choice is:

Of course, friends come first.

If all is going according to plan, you advance to Day 3.