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This game is for ages 18+  By downloading, you declare you are over the age of 18.

Stand Alone Renpy Version:  
Most recent build 112 (all versions) dated 20 July 2016  build notes

Date Ariane Windows Version

Download, unzip, then open the folder and launch Date Ariane.exe or Create a shortcut
Note: Some have run into issues with Date Ariane.exe missing, due to their virus scan software detecting a false positive.
Check your virus scan's quarantine folder if this happens, or ignore the warning if prompted.

Date Ariane Mac Version

Download, unzip, use Finder to start Date Ariane.app

Date Ariane Linux Version

Extract the tar file, then go to the "dateariane" directory and "sh dateariane.sh" or this

Date Ariane Android Version

It will require a Google login to download. If you don't want to login you can download a copy of the file from this link to a PC or Mac then transfer the file to your Android device using File Manager or a MicroSD device.
More Info Here. For info on loading apk files outside the play store click here.

Date Ariane Deutsch
Date Ariane Español
Date Ariane Français
Date Ariane Português

The game is designed for widescreen monitors 1000x720, but will work in any resolution, there may be black bars on smaller resolution screens that are not widescreen. Press F to toggle full screen, more info in Help.

All renpy versions are ©2015, 2016 All Rights Reserved.


Still Available:

Offline HTML version licensed Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution

"Classic" Date Ariane 7.2 licensed Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution

If you have problems running either of the HTML version on your browser, click here for help.