Rachel And Ariane


Part 1: Rachel Meets Ariane

The story of how Rachel, the star of “Something’s In The Air” meets Ariane, the star of “Date Ariane” and end up hanging out.


Part 2: Rachel Dates Ariane

Rachel goes to Ariane’s house for a little video gaming fun, and they end up in bed together.


Part 3: Rachel Takes Ariane’s Photo

Ariane volunteers to model for Rachel’s school project. This one features multiple endings and multiple outcomes. You can help Rachel prepare.


Part 4: Rachel and Ariane at the Top Club

Rachel and Ariane go to a “sex” club ran by an eccentric billionaire, and have a bit of naughty fun.


Part 5.1: Rachel and Ariane On Holiday (Part 1)

Part 5.2: Rachel and Ariane On Holiday: New Years Eve (Part 2)

Part 5.3: Rachel and Ariane On Holiday: New Years Day (Part 3)

Ariane and Rachel spend the week after Christmas getting to know each other better.


Rachel Meets Ariane: The Game

The game version contains the same story as above in a game format. Version 2.0 released on 01/20/20.  This version clarifies choices relating to Something’s In The Air but otherwise does not change any of the story or dialogue.  Adds credits.

The game version is currently included for free with purchase of Something’s In The Air.

There is now a walkthrough available in the Wiki.

114 thoughts on “Rachel And Ariane

  1. Evan

    Are you going to do a Patreon page where you post updates and betas for the new game? I’m really excited! I loved your other two games. I still play Date Ariane.

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      1. Robert

        good looking Tits Ariane, now make Rachel Tits just like this. Oh yeah if there is more female charters will big tits the male players will enjoy playing this game more.

  3. Tushar

    Hi Ariane,I Love U For Your Games!!!They are all Great!!!Plz Release This New Game By 2017’s Summer!!!!I’ll Be Waiting!!!

  4. Robert

    If we get to have sex with Rachel and Ariane can you make the women boobs shake when having sex that would be great.

      1. Ramsey

        There is nothing worst than work with pressure dude… Just take all the time you need and do not worry for how long it will takes. Is better work slow ,at your own pace and make a such good thing than work to fast and finish bad with yourself or be disapointed of your own work really.
        Your work is amazing! I specially love your first game ,i find it very sexy and funny 🙂
        Can’t wait for your new masterpiece. Just feel proud and take your time.

        I prefer 1000 times the boob size of Ariane from your version than from the new one…
        It’s more realistic and natural 🙂

  5. Callum

    Hey ariane I first saw your game on YouTube from MattShea and I decided to download it myself I downloaded both of the games and I have to say they are awesome! I’m just wondering the game Something is in the Air how do you date Bonnie as I can’t find out how to I have only seen her at the Drive and Dine

    1. Homi

      Hi, Messia

      SITA is a downloadable game which you can play offline only. There doesn’t exist an online version and there also wont be any.
      Rachel and Ariane on the other hand is – at this time – a pure HTML based visual novel with some gaming parts in chapter 3 “Rachel Takes Ariane’s Photo”. There you can made three decissions and and see the result later on.

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  8. Ahhhgggg!!! lesbian game!. I dont like it. Maybe i will play other game like harem. Also the game like StS-Summertime Saga. It’s nice if your main character is a guy with Ariane and Rachel.😤😤😤

  9. Nathan

    Has it been finished yet? I know you’ve been working on it and I don’t want to rush you. Thanks so much! Love your games!

  10. T Jenkins

    Ms.Barnes I am very interested in your games, I think you have amazing creator qualifications and I would love to help you financially make this next game and more in the future. Please Email me personally if interested

  11. Phill C

    Hi. Congratulations on the game. I imagine it took a lot of work to get it done. I have recently discovered it and I’m delighted. About the third episode, “Rachel and Ariane”, can we expect a downloadble version anytime soon? I’d love to experience that. I appreciate your hard work. Thank you and best of luck!

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  13. Tem previsão para sair a versão em português ?
    Is expected to leave the Portuguese version?

  14. Soxx Guerra

    O primeiro jogo sempre será o melhor, o mais legal era justamente tu fazer as escolhas no jogo. Os de agora so tem diálogo e poucas escolhas, o que fica bem chato.
    The first game will always be the best,
    (Rachel And Ariane) only have dialogue and fewer choices,

    this makes the game boring…😐

  15. Harry

    Hey ArianeB,

    I want to play your game Rachel and Ariane. I have downloaded it but it isn’t installing. Can you suggest something?

  16. Keith Castillo

    Well Rachel meets Ariane have more story branches like your previous 2 game?
    Like one where they both do not sexual at all, and another where Ariane gets into the roleplaying thing and they start tribbing? and few other branches?

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