Hopepunk City Teaser Trailer

Here is a teaser trailer for Hopepunk City, the game I am currently working on. If it looks or sounds familiar, it is because I used the same format and music for my Something’s In The Air trailer a few years ago.

This weekend $5 Patrons at my Patreon page will get access to an alpha version that has more than half of the content planned for the game. Or if you just want to be a $1 Patreon, you will get access to a beta version of the demo on Sunday, so you can see what the game is like.

For everybody else, here is a trailer. The plan is to release a free demo when it is ready, and the full game will be $5. I don’t have a date, but based on what work there is left to do, I’m confident I will finish this year.

3 thoughts on “Hopepunk City Teaser Trailer

  1. Archibald

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been a fan ever since you basically introduced the erotic dating genre (alongside tlaero and mortze, whom I adore just the same), but your renderings just don’t seem… contemporary anymore. To an untrained eye like mine, the difference between, say, Something’s in the Air and Ariane in paradise is marginal at best, whereas other creators seem to really push the limits of photorealism lately, especially in terms of lighting (proportional to the rising number of Cuda cores in their systems I assume). Is it the hardware? Is it the software? Or is this a deliberately chosen “Arianeart”-style? Let me know and please don’t take this personally,
    Much love,

    1. Until recently, it was a hardware/software issue, but it is also a concern with art.

      After my date simulator took off, some tried doing similar games with photos, and they were creepy as hell. 3D rendered art is way better than actual photos.

      But rendered art can run into the “uncanny valley” problem if you focus too much on realism.

      My philosophy is to focus on beautiful pictures over realistic ones. Now that I have better hardware and software, I can make my games more beautiful, but I have to re-render every picture in a game I’m a year into already.

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