Picture of the Week

I made a series of “happy” character pics. This is the last. A hot tub party! There is a little depth of field happening here so Mia and Rachel look slightly out of focus, but not enough to blur them, just soften their looks.

These pictures will show up in Hopepunk City as transitional scenes. The ones with nudity like this one will be in the later part of the game.

Full resolution png available at my Deviant Arts page, also check out the 2021 Gallery, and the Previous galleries

Hiatus Time

I am moving at the end of the month. Out of Phoenix, which has seen housing prices and rents double in a couple of years, and moving half way across the country into more affordable housing and closer to family.

I’ll still be posting stuff to Patreon this month, but this website will be inactive until I get moved in.

3 thoughts on “Picture of the Week

  1. CHRIS

    Good luck with your move. Hope it all goes smoothly. We’ll be anxiously awaiting the end of your ‘blackout’. Hopefully you won’t be offline too long. See you soon.

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