Free Patch to upgrade Date Ariane HD to 2021 version

If you still have the Date Ariane HD version, I am releasing a free patch to upgrade your game.

The patch is available here, and part of this release is to test how well the store can handle free files.

The patch is a 16MB zip file containing all the recent changes to the game.

For PC or Linux, extract the zip file to the directory where the DateArianeHD.exe file is located.  Let it replace all files.

On Mac you control-click (right-click) the Date Ariane HD app, Show Package Contents, go to Contents/Resources/autorun/ and drag the patch game folder, and if a window pops up, choose “Combine”.

This patch includes:
* The 3 new achievements
* The new translations
* Discord integration
* New GUI to match the other Ariane games
* An improved German translation as of 1/13/2021 incorporating Thorston Frei’s 2017 translation, with new lines translated by Max

This patch will not work on Android

5 thoughts on “Free Patch to upgrade Date Ariane HD to 2021 version

  1. David Holland

    After downloading the patch and extracting it into my folder the game no longer runs. Fortunately I still have the original download file and nothing has been lost, but I would like to play the new version. There is a traceback file that I don’t understand and I’m not going to paste into a comment unless you ask. But it looks like it is looking for a module named “Queue” that does not exist. “Import error: No module named Queue”. There is alot more but like I said I don’t understand it and don’t know what is important.

    1. Sorry about that, not sure what happened. Errors like that indicate the patch was either loaded in the wrong directory, or you are trying to patch an older game.

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