Weekly Pic 36

Continuing a month of Ariane in Paradise pictures. This one is a rarely seen picture from the volleyball game. Once you figure out how to win the volleyball game, you will not see this picture unless you intentionally lose.

But I like the unusual angle and framing. Yes it gives away that the 3D sand is just 2D pixels on a flat surface, but this is the only picture in the game from the perspective of the ground.

Full resolution can be found here or my Deviant Art page.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Pic 36

  1. Seqno

    I don’t wanna nudge you towards anything, but Wendy and her brief volleyball story was one of my favourites since 2013 and would love more of her. Even grabbed the two of her from the pinup set and tried to find lookalikes from her base model.

  2. Random Gamer

    In Aip I Somehow cannot access the Bird Sactuary… I am middle class, science geek, but in day 2 after eating the tacos, I Cannot choose between Casino and bird Sanctuary, Ariane ALWAYS puts out her phone and we go to the casino… How can I access the Bird Sanctuary?

  3. turdboi420

    Somehow I cannot access the Bird Sanctuary after the Taco dinner on day 2 even though I am middle Class and a Science geek. I don’t get the option Casino or Bird Sanctuary, I am just forced to go to the Casino…. Could you help me out please?

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