Weekly Pic 35

This is a curious picture from Day 3 of Ariane in Paradise. My original plan was to have four paths. The missing fourth was to have a beach party on the north shore. If you look at the picture where Ariane is driving her electric scooter downtown, this exact van with these exact surfboards mounted to the top was in front of her.

The game plan was to have this van stop and ask you and Ariane if you need a ride, and if you say yes you end up on the beach with these same people. Someone asks Ariane, “Why are you naked?” and she asks them, “Why are you all wearing clothes?” She turns around and says “hit it” to a previously unseen rock band on a stage next to the beach. They start playing some Ventures style surf music, and Ariane starts singing a tune called “Naked Beach Party” and everyone reacts by acting out the opening number to “Beach Blanket Bingo” but with everyone wearing fewer and fewer clothes as the song continues.

The plan proved too ambitious of course. This picture is the only one that made it, and the people on the beach are basically card board cutout people that I reused in the Cantina scene, and two of the characters became the beach volleyball couple.

The failure to include this scene is what inspired the naked pool party scene in release 1.10.

Full resolution picture here, and on Deviant Arts.

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