Weekly Pic 30


A little different theme this time. I found this great quote I wanted to share, and decided to make a picture meme of it. It is a modified quote from Alexandra Rowland from this essay.

Full PNG is huge, perfect for posters and t-shirts.  Can be found here or Deviant Arts.

Any other awesome quotes I should do?

6 thoughts on “Weekly Pic 30

  1. Mike

    Can I just point out that carrying a sword may imply defiance, but does little to convey an “act of kindness” ?

    To put it bluntly, the imagery falls short of the message.

    1. Depends on what message you are trying to send.

      I’m am struggling to see what is really gained from engaging with people whose view of economics revolves around a delusion that they are just temporarily displaced millionaires, whose view of society does not believe systemic racism and privilege exists, people that see no value in empathy or generosity or kindness, and whose personality consists mainly of seeking consent and justification for being a total asshole.

      Right now I see nothing gained other than disgust, distress, and aggravation that clings to you like hot tar. How much more time, energy, and mental health do we need to waste on urging sympathy from the selfish and self-centered or in trying to embrace the world view of someone whose reality begins and ends with their personal feelings and biases?

      I’ve always been an idealist but I am coming to the end of my patience trying to save or change those whose hollow egos thrive on keeping others down, and who arrogantly advocate for a hypocritical freedom and justice that is all to happy to truly oppress others.

      I accept you can’t teach someone to care about other people, but in these dark times, I’m still sick of giving energy and decency to the cruel and selfish, who live to suck the energy out of the room, or delight in stepping on the necks of the downtrodden just feel even an inch taller.

      I’m just …tired … Tired of tolerating assholes. If it’s true that this world is what we make if it, are we not living in an era where assholes revel in making misery for others?

      Fuck that! I’m done tolerating!!

      1. Mike

        @arianeb Nice screed, and to be clear, I’m on the same page.

        The assholes have always been there, I think. But they’re riding a wave of success right now, with the top racist, misogynist, narcissist asshole in charge only because the broken voting system allows for a minority winner.

        I believe in kindness and compassion, but I tend to reserve that for non-assholes these days. I’m done with trying to ‘see’ the ‘viewpoints’ that make people vote for the assholes into power. By extension they are that asshole.

        November is going to be messy and I can’t escape the feeling that a civil war may be on the cars in the US, so please, be safe.

    1. It doesn’t. Kind people don’t do that. The vast majority of the troublemakers at the protests are fascist white nationalist agent provocateurs trying to undermine the work of the peaceful protests. You would know that if you have been paying attention.

      An act of kindness is supporting the peaceful protests, even though murderous fascists with guns come from other states to shoot at them.

  2. MrMaguffin

    It’s great to know that Ariane is vehemently pro BLM and antifash
    Not that I expected any different based on her characterization

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