Weekly Pic 23

Last weeks trio of sculpted figures picture resulted in commentaries liking the figure on the right the most. So I thought I’d do a nude photo shoot with the right figure that I am dubbing “Sasha”.

Sasha is a Victoria 4.2 based model.  Victoria has been around for 14 years now, and is considered “old tech”, but the figure has been one of the most popular and there is a huge selection of textures, clothing, and hair for Victoria 4.2.Sasha is a heavily updated version of Victoria 4.2.

As pointed out last week, she is using a high definition sculpted body, but not only that, Sasha is using a “weighted rigged” version of Victoria called Sasha-16 which you can find at http://sasha-16.forumprofi.de/ Weight map rigging is one of those advanced things Poser and a few advanced 3D programs can do that Daz Studio can’t. 

It basically makes it so joints work a lot better without needing extra fixes or patches.  This pose shows the power of this:  A normal Victoria 4.2
has distorted shoulders when reaching high like this, and oddly shaped elbows when bent this way.

So cool sculpted body and weight mapped rigging results in a beautiful figure that breaks all the clothing designed for Victoria 4.2.

I could convert clothing in the clothing room (looks bad) or use dynamic clothing (time consuming), but she is naked for now. Full PNG resolution can be found here, or on Deviant Art.

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