Weekly Pic 17

For the month of June, I’m posting samples of what I have been working on. This is my new female player character repairing robots. The new game has a sci-fi theme to it, set in the near future, the game involves training and working in areas of the economy trying to make a life. One of the career paths is robot repair. According to this essay, robots doing most of the labor is our future, and the pandemic crisis has accelerated that reality.

Full resolution PNG can be found here, or my Deviant Art page.

7 thoughts on “Weekly Pic 17

    1. Yeah, that’s the pic that came with the android parts prop. Another scene involves programming the robots, so I took a screenshot of the renpy game code I was working on at that moment and put that on the monitor.

    1. Yes. Ariane and Rachel are both in it, and a new character Trish who had a small cameo in AiP. It’s set in Ariane’s city, so all the other DA and SITA characters appear in cameos.

  1. bob

    aren’t you thinking of bringing updates to ariane in paradise or maybe another older game or maybe even making a new game atm?

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